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If you’re looking to refresh your look, chances are you’ve thought about getting bangs. Whether you have already worn a variation of a fringe or are looking for fresh inspiration, Ellen Devine, Sam Villa ArTeam and Master Stylist at Lunatic Fringe @Ellendevinehair, demonstrates how to take fringe from simple curtain to a face-framing bottleneck to wispy bangs. Being able to transition from one to the next is key whenever learning new techniques. It not only gives you the skill to create the look they’re after, but in some cases, you can update their entire look with just a few snips. Keep reading below to learn more about each trend.



Curtain Fringe 

A center part with a slight swoop in the middle that are not completely blunt and not totally layered.  They are soft curtains that frame the face, fall about chin length and can easily be pushed off to the sides, tucked or feathered.  Overdirection, slight elevation and diagonal cutting are used to create a nice soft swoop when they fall.  And, because they are cut compressed, they have a nice chewy texture. 



Fringe within fringe, the center of is cut shorter to open up the eye area.  It resembles a soda bottle shape (narrow, wide, narrow) that frames the face beautifully.  The longer hair on the sides is disconnected and the new shorter middle section is cut without elevation, overdirected to the side and point cut in a shallow manner for softness.




Disconnected longer sides are cut with a Sam Villa Classic Series 14 Tooth Cutting Shear to be closer to the length of the middle.  They are used to release weight and create a wispy effect on the entire fringe area.  Shears can be used horizontally on a larger section for a point cutting effect or vertically to chip away on smaller sections with more control.


“Make sure to ask your guest how they style their hair before you determine a length for the fringe…you don’t want to cut it short and then find out that they use a large round brush for styling.  In that case, the fringe would pop up too much,” explains Devine.



Image #1 and #2: Hair/Sam Villa ArTeam Member Ellen Devine; Creative Director/Teresa Romero; Photographer/Nico Nordstrom Obsidian and Blush; Makeup/Tanya Ortega, Leticia Tapia; Wardrobe/Michi Lafary Obsidian and Blush; Mode/Alyssa Mitchell. 


Image #3: Hair/Sam Villa ArTeam; Photographer/Katie Parker; Makeup/Teal Druda; Wardrobe/Amia Serrano; Model/Ashley Giannetto