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As we continue to practice social distancing and adjust to working from home, it’s important to invest in self-care—whether that means staying in your pjs all day or sticking to your normal beauty routine. But, every now and then, chances are you’ll have to hop on a Zoom call for a team meeting or host an online session for your class, and you’ll want to look your best! Here, we’ve put together some of our favorite work-from-home hairstyles and how to get the look so you can be ready for whatever the day throws your way. 


If You Only Have Ten Minutes 

Got a request for a Zoom meeting in ten minutes but your hair is looking, let’s say, less-than-great? We’ve got you covered! Create a sleek, low nape knot for instant polish. This style works even when you’re between washes or just rolled out of bed. 

To get the look: 

  • Run a smoothing treatment, like Redken’s Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist, through your strands, then smooth into a low pony at the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic. 
  • Take the pony and twist into a rope, then twist it around itself to create a low bun. Pin into place until secure. 
  • Set the look with a quick spritz of light-hold hairspray, like KEVIN.MUPRHY’s SESSION.SPRAY FLEX


If You Need to Be Prepared for Anything 

Not sure what the workday has in store, but pretty sure you’ll be called into a couple of virtual meetings? Prepare for anything with classic beachy waves

To get the look: 

  • If your hair is fine, prep with a weightless volumizer, like KEVIN.MURPHY’s KILLER.WAVES, to add body and prevent waves from falling flat. 
  • Curl hair with a 1” wand—we like Sam Villa’s 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron and Wand—alternating directions to create a more natural curl pattern. 
  • Finish with a light- to medium-hold hairspray to keep waves in place. 

Tip: Don’t have time to curl your hair? Bring out your natural texture with a sea salt spray, like KEVIN.MURPHY’s HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY. Spray onto damp or dry hair and scrunch for tousled, day-at-the-beach waves. 


If You’ve Got a Zoom Call with Your Boss 

A super-high, super-sleek ponytail will make you look instantly more polished. Bonus: the look is super easy to achieve. 

To get the look: 

  • Run a small amount of Keune’s Style Defrizz Serum No. 17 through strands to boost shine and help prevent fly-aways. 
  • Next, pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a strong elastic at the top of the crown. Tip: use a boar-bristle styling brush, like Sam Villa’s Signature Series Styling Brush, to smooth out any bumps. 
  • To keep your ponytail looking preppy, not saggy, place a couple bobby pins vertically below the pony to prop it up even more.
  • Finish the look with a hard-working hairspray, like Redken’s Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray for firm hold and shine. 


If You Want to Shake Things Up

We get it—working from home can be hard. With everything going on, sometimes you just need to break out of your typical routine and try something new. The good news is, now is the perfect time to test drive those styles you’ve seen on Pinterest but have yet to try or perfect those looks you just haven’t quite mastered, especially if you have a little extra time on your hands. 

Up your braid game with double Dutch braids or practice creating the perfect twist. Elevate an everyday style with accessories, like hair scarves and over-sized clips. Always do beachy waves? Switch it up with pin-straight strands! Take a deep dive into YouTube hair tutorials or check out Instagram how-tos from your favorite hair artists to get inspired!