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Worldwide Breastfeeding Week is sending a message to mothers everywhere. Being a mother is hard work. Not only does it impact you physically, but it can also mentally ask a great deal from you. As mothers, women must wear many hats both at work and at home. In an effort to bring awareness to more family-friendly policies including extended paid leave for both mothers and fathers – we can only hope this opens the eyes of society. Apart from the beauty of this collection – created by Laura Frazier – we absolutely love the concept behind the piece. Laura teamed up with her model Heather Kent to bring light to this beautiful cause. Keep reading to learn more about the collection and the initiative behind it!

Naked Mom

Regular Mom

Working Mom

Queen Mom

In a world full of taboo, breastfeeding is still on the list of things we find strange and yet it is a natural part of life no matter where you come from. Motherhood is a life-changing and powerful thing, and it has always captivated me. So many different types of women want to bring a beautiful life into the world, nature, and care for it, and ultimately sacrifice anything they need to, to dedicate their own lives to another human or humans.

This shoot was entirely inspired by my muse, Heather. She's a mother, a wife, a model, an influencer, a streamer, and advertiser, she works, and she stays home; but mostly she's a great friend to me.

Working with her on different editorials and social media projects, I have come to know her personally and professionally and I love her drive and her creativity. But, what stands out is how much Heather loves being a mom. And to that effect what blows me away is the level of dedication she has not only to her family but to her goals and creative ventures. She's truly an inspiration to me and I am sure to other moms out there who want to make sure we all know that it’s cool to be a mom and a wife and still pursue dreams and aspirations.

I think these images really invoke a sense of power to me. And if a mother isn't just that – power – then I don’t know what she is. No matter your walk of life, you've got a mother out there, maybe even two mothers; and without mothers, we simply wouldn't have the world we live in. So, this is my Ode to Mothers all over the world, you're all badass in your own ways and we all see you doing it, taking care of us while trying to still take care of yourself.

I am so excited to share this collection during National Breast Feeding Week, to help empower mothers and normalize breastfeeding. 

Laura Frazier



Photographer: Bryce Chapman @brycechapmanphoto

Models: Heather Kent @heatheredeffect 

Baby Kent

Makeup: Karyna Omura @karynaomura

Hair and Concept: Laura Frazier @hairzillaa