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If you’re looking for a new, easy way to upgrade your current look — it might be easier than you think. We’ve seen various makeup and skincare trends come and go throughout the seasons, but as we head into a post-pandemic world, we’re all looking to experiment with our style and especially our color! This season, clients will be asking for a new shade — this time, for their eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows, apart from the golden arch rule coined by none other than the eyebrow queen Anastasia Soare — now, almost anything goes. Thanks to exposure on TikTok and in T.V. shows or on tour — artists, musicians, celebrities and society at large are spending more time than ever styling their brows and this includes dyeing and bleaching them to create a total look. 

2022's Latest Eyebrow Trends:

Matching Your Eyebrows To Your Haircolor


Matching your shoes to your purse or coat has always been a “thing” but as we head into unknown territory, we’re finding that individuals all want a different thing — matching or contrasting — it all goes! If you are opting for a matchy-matchy look, the experts suggest opting for a similar shade or one a few levels off for variety. If you have platinum hair, you can either go for a platinum brow look or soften the entire appearance with a light brown brow. The most important thing is to make sure they have similar undertones so you aren’t clashing a cool base with a brassy brow. 

Vibrant Brows Are In


In addition to matching your brows to natural shades, we’re also seeing the trend toward fashion or vibrant colors. If you have pink hair why not try out this shade on your brows as well. With the right balance to enhance your skin tone, this trend could be fire. This look can also be created with natural reds, browns and blonde tones to complement the overall finish. 

Consider Overhauling Your Makeup Routine


While achieving this new eyebrow trend is pretty simple, the upkeep can often feel a little high maintenance, which is exactly what many beauty fanatics are looking for at the moment. Depending on what shade hair color and brow tone you’ve decided on, enhancing the look with makeup may be the final touch it needs. A shimmering highlighter or a tonal lip shade can help bring your style together for a flawless finish and might even allow you to experiment with makeup trends you weren't able to pull off before! 

Bleached Brows are Officially Back


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Recently, this trend was made popular again by Kendall Jenner at the 2022 Met Gala. Since then, we've seen this trend travel all over the world. Up until now, bleaching your brows was mostly paired with lightening your hair, but this gothic-esque finish proves that your brow and hair color can now move in alternating circles.