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Just because you have long hair doesn't mean you can play with shorter styles. This cool, romantic version of the mohawk is perfect for hair of any length. For added volume create curls in the hair before you start for an interesting play on texture, movement and softness.  


1. Create an off-center part on each side of the head, creating a middle section 2-3 inches in width running all the way down to the nape. Secure the sides with clamps. 


2. Braid the middle section all the way down the head. 


3. On the front of the head, slide the STITCH underneath the braid and—taking a small triangle section of hair from the temple—feed hair through the eye loop and pull underneath the braid. 


4. Wrap hair around and STITCH through again. Repeat down the head 3 to 4 times


5. Loosen up the loops to make the hair bigger. Lace and tease the hair with your fingers to create texture. 


6. Secure with hairspray. 


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