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When you want to change up your look without committing to a full-color service, a gloss treatment is a perfect solution. While glosses don’t lift the hair, meaning you won’t go lighter, they do add major shine and can be used to subtly tone down unwanted warmth, blend grays, and enhance existing hues. The overall effect? Richer, longer-lasting color and healthier, shinier hair!

Read on to learn more about gloss treatments and why you should ask your stylist for one next time you visit the salon. 

What Exactly Is a Gloss Treatment? 

A gloss is a semi-permanent treatment, typically applied in the salon as a mask, which is left on the hair for a certain amount of time before being rinsed out. Generally speaking, glosses last about four to six weeks. Most professional lines come with both clear and tinted glosses—but it’s important to note that glosses are not a substitute for an actual color service. 

Glosses don’t lift; instead, they coat and seal the hair cuticle. This protects natural and preexisting color and enhances richness and vibrancy. Tinted glosses also deposit a small amount of color to subtly tone, adding or removing warmth. 

What Does It Do? 

In short, glosses are all about protection and enhancement. Because they seal and smooth each strand of hair, glosses are great at shielding against frizz, fly-aways, and split ends. Plus, they work to protect newly dyed strands or extend the time between salon appointments by locking in color. Best of all, they add serious, noticeable shine instantly. 

For those with damaged or over-processed strands, gloss treatments are a great way to change up a look without having to resort to more inherently damaging techniques. Want to warm up your red for summer or cool down a blonde for winter? You can enhance or tone down with just a gloss! 


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Color vs. Clear 

As previously mentioned, glosses usually come in one of two options: clear or tinted. The right option will depend on what you hope to achieve. If you’re looking to bring a bright blonde down a few shades or add richness back into a brunette that’s started to look dull, you’ll want to go for a tinted gloss. Love your color but want to boost the shine? Ask your stylist for a clear gloss treatment. Either way, you can completely transform your look between salon visits—without the commitment, cost, or time of a full color service. 


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