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The short answer is: not necessarily, but I won't give you a definite “no”. You know your hair best and everyone’s beauty routine responds to different water temperatures. However - I will go into a bit about why the trusted “cold water rinse” may be false. 


What happens when our hair is wet? Our cuticle becomes raised, when hot (or warm) water is applied. By raising the cuticle - you are able to rid your strands of oil and debris. On the flip side, cold water closes the cuticle (or causes is to ‘lay down’) which is why most feel that it makes your hair more shiny. What you may be missing in between these two steps it the application of hair products while the cuticle is still raised. 


If you are going to air dry your hair, then by all means - test drive this philospohy all you like. However, if you blow dry your hair or apply products post shower (which everyone should!), then you may want to think twice about the cold rinse.  Why? Because 1 - Certain products work better when they are able to be absorbed into your strand and 2 - giving your hair a quick cold rinse actually effects your scalp more by shutting down blood flow and possibly inhibiting hair growth. To find out the best ways to help your hair grow, check out our handy guide: "What To Eat For Healthy Hair!"


Just a few thoughts for the shower… Do any of you swear by the cold rinse? We would love to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment in the box below!