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Diaries Of A Hair Challenged Client, The Holiday Edition!


Ahhhh December. The month of social expectations and expansive muffin tops. Oddly as the days get shorter the bar is raised for personal grooming expectations. At every work fest and holiday function, you have this idyllic dream that you appear 10 years younger, dewy and with rosy cheeks and the perfect wavy, styled shiny hair. 


When you do decide to throw a party of your own, you envision your own coif is as photo shoot ready as those snowflakes you spent hours designing. The reality? The entire day you have been up to your armpits in meatball mix, obsessively scrubbing toilets with offensive chemicals and praying you can avoid electrocution while hanging tired 1970s Christmas lights with exposed wire and dangling Cliffhanger style from the flimsy “made in China” gutter. AND the neighbors just saw your whale tale.  EN SCENE. 


The worst is yet to come when you shove everything in the closet, and jump in the shower 15 minutes before the first guest are supposed to arrive. The  ringing doorbell banishes any hope of flawless tresses, and instead you cover your interesting parts with a hand towel and drip/run to your room.  


Call it poor judgement, bad timing, but your hair definitely is making the naughty list tonight. What's the best way to turn this bag of wet mice you call your hair into some signature style in less than 5? what now...braids? A scene from Sound of Music with yodeling hair, reeking of raclette comes to mind. Or just your default to your resigned failure drowned rat ponytail?  Princess Leia buns anyone? Star Wars Chic has to be in - Just ask that chunky kid in front of citywalk sporting the Darth Mol facepaint.


If this sounds anything like you, head here...