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A new addition! Betty Dain Creations is now on Bangstyle!


For over 60 years Betty Dain has been creating cutting edge stylist and salon products. They have succeeded in creating salon apparel that encompasses both style and function. Staying up to date with trends, Betty Dain designs and manufactures all of their apparel and hair color accessories. With everything from capes, to gloves, stylish stylist aprons, processing caps and makeup sponges, they have your salon needs covered. 


As specialists in the industry, their other divisions include Colortrak - professional coloring tools, Artist’s Choice - Makeup applicators, sponges and spatulas, & Canyon Rose - Spa Apparel.


Be sure to stalk Gregory Alan, Betty Dain’s Artistic and Technical Director. Originally creating art through music and design, Gregory later found his passion in the hair industry and has since become involved in platform and educational work. He has experience working with celebrity clientele in the music industry, and his talent has been featured in MOD, Behindthecar.com and Modern Salon.


As well as being the go-to source for salon apparel and accessories, Betty Dain also offers up a world of knowledge from the decades they have flourished in the industry. Stay tuned for salon tips and hairstyling hacks from Betty Dain!