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Everyone remembers the time they bought their first big kid expensive eye cream. If you’re lucky enough, you had someone older, wiser and possibly with more laugh lines explain to you the importance of skincare at an early age. If you are of the younger generation, there is probably an article from the “Bible” that is Vogue or a recommendation from your favorite beauty blogger that carefully details the process. What they may have forgotten to mention is also the importance of an anti-aging routine for your hair as well! Just like your skin, your hair ages and this can age you as well! From hair care to the best styles to turn back the clock, we’re committed to giving you to tools you need to know for a lifetime full of lovely locks!

As the summer months come to a start, we’re sure you’re itching to get out and sit under the sun. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the sun hitting your face, especially after a long workweek or an even longer winter. While we’re sure you’ve slathered your face with sunscreen, consider adding a hat to the mix for a quick and easy fix. While blocking the sun is a great way to deter it from wreaking havoc on your strands it isn’t an everyday accessory you may want to wear.

UV Protection

Similar to a hat for your hair, using shampoo and conditioner with UV protection is the first step toward protecting your strands, and especially your color. How to get UV protection? With Keune Tinta Color Care, it’s a quick and easy 2-step process that takes place in the shower! Keune’s Tinta Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner not only protects the integrity of color-treated hair, but it also uses LP300 to stabilize it and with an Essential Mineral complex it proves UV protection each time you step out of the house – with or without a hat!


Quality Is Key

According to science, your hair reaches its peak prime at around 19. But, don’t let this freak you out; you’ve still got time to turn things around. Quality products that nourish the hair are key to turning back the clock. Adding a treatment at least once a week is the way to start. We absolutely love KEVIN.MURPHY YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE to reviatlise strands. Not only is the scent intoxicating, but the way it leaves our hair luxuriously silky and soft is also a game-changer! No matter the condition of your hair, adding a treatment mask in at least once a week can help heal and extend the life of your hair!

Warm Things Up

Starting with your strands, schedule an appointment with your beloved stylist, pronto! No matter your level, with a quick and easy gloss your stylist can have your strands warmed up in a matter of minutes. One of the best ways to do this is with a Redken Shades EQ or Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Gloss! Adding warmth to your color will instantly soften your features and give off the appearance that you’re glowing. Try out a range of tones - from orange hues to a pink flush - add one that suits your natural style. 

Get a Trim

While blunt bangs or a one-length cut may have been a great idea, you might notice that the harsh lines are doing absolutely nothing for your face. Ask your stylist to soften your style with texturizing techniques or added layers to take those years off.