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Riiiiiiiing! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the warning bell telling us that school is back in session! September is traditionally “back-to-school” season and this year it feels extra special! Some call this season the second New Year because it’s a chance for you to get a whole new look and have a fresh start! 

This year, a fresh start sounds especially enticing for clients because this is likely their first time going back into a physical classroom for the first time in a long while. After months and months of sitting in front of a camera and a computer screen in messy buns or fifth-day hair, now is the time for your clients to power down those desktops and get their hair ready to strut into the classroom, in front of their peers for the first time in a long time!

There are so many great hair trends emerging this season, from cuts to color and styling, and these are some of our favorite trends that clients will be asking for this fall!

Copper Curls

Nothing says “fall semester” quite like this gorgeous copper hair color! This hair color is not only reminiscent of the perfect fall leaves that your clients will stroll through on their way to their first class of the day, but it’s also an inviting color that will attract the attention of new friends on campus!

Creating this warm copper is as easy as following this formula using Keune Color 7.43 + 0/44. Now, following this color formula is the easy part for you, the stylist, but the aftercare is what you need to prepare your clients for. If this is their first color treatment, or even if it isn’t, it’s necessary to provide them with everything they need to keep their copper color perfect until they see you during their next holiday break! For this, send them off to campus with the Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo and Color Brillianz Conditioner!



Buttery Blonde

BTS had the song of the summer, which influenced one of the hottest hair colors back to school season, Butter! Buttery blonde hair is exactly as smooth as it looks. Not only does it look soft, but it’s soft to the touch as well.

Many different shades of blonde have popped up all summer long, but we predict that it’s the buttery blonde that will last throughout the new school year. Plus, getting your client’s hair to this shade of blonde can easily be done using Keune Semi Color 8.17 + 7.18 + 1/1 activator⠀for the roots, and Keune Semi Color 10.7 for the ends. Finally, don’t forget to get your clients set up with the Keune Healthy Blonde Program to keep their new hair color looking buttery smooth all semester long!



70s Volume 

What goes around, comes around, and we’re so happy that 70s mega volume hair has made its way back around, just in time for back to school season. This trend has been around for a little while now, and it’s been increasing in popularity throughout the summer. It’s a style that your client’s parents might have had back when they were heading off to college, and it’s a style that they’re going to have when going off to school now! When styling this iconic look from the 1970s, you’ll probably find two Keune products incredibly helpful! The first is Keune Style Instant Blowout, which will help you out during the blow drying process. Then, the second product is Keune Style Root Volumizer, which will help build big volume at the roots of your client’s hair! With these two products by your side, your clients will leave your salon looking groovy!