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As temperatures heat up and clients start heading back into the salon, blonding services are sure to skyrocket. If your books are filled with highlights, baby-lights, and balayage, be sure to brush up on the latest tips and techniques to ensure you’re achieving blonding without breakage. 

Set Expectations

During the consultation, it is key to set realistic expectations between you and your client. Their desired finish has less to do with your skill set and more to do with their starting point. Caring for the health of their hair should be of the utmost importance, so whether it is a new client or a big transition, take the time to do a strand test to know what you’re working with. From here, show and explain to your client what you think is achievable in a reasonable time frame. 

Low & Slow

If it takes 4 appointments to turn your client into a platinum blonde, it takes 4 appointments. While starting level and hair history are part of the process, taking things low and slow is the best way to achieve optimum results. Nothing is worse than causing a chemical cut or trying to style overly damaged hair. By transitioning your client over time, you can ensure that they won’t need to compromise length or ability to style with their new shade. 


Adding Wella Professionals WellaPlex to your blonding service is one of the best ways to lighten safely while taking care of the integrity of the hair. Formulated with the Opti pH System, it helps reconstruct the inner bond structure for stronger hair during and after lightening. This professional system consists of WellaPlex No. 1 Bond Maker and No. 2 Bond Stabilizer.

WellaPlex No. 1 Bond Maker works to reconstruct inner hair bonds during any lightener or color service. With a pH of 9, it allows for optimum lift and penetration of dye molecules while reconstructing bonds. WellaPlex No. 2 Bond Stabilizer further strengthens the bonds and rebalances the pH of hair while allowing for perfect color and lift development. 

Always Discuss Upkeep

When deciding to take a client lighter, it is imperative that you discuss the upkeep factor of their new hair color. From the frequency of hair appointments to the products and the lifestyle changes they’ll need to make at home. During the summer months, most clients will be taking their new shade to pools or beaches, which can cause stress and damage to their new color. Be sure to inform them of the best ways to care for hair between appointments to ensure their color looks and feels its best. 

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