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Programmed to start fresh as the back-to-school season starts, even as adults, there’s something both comforting and liberating about getting a new hair cut as we head into fall. While haircuts have become unique to the wearer, one of the shapes that continues in popularity is the bob! Coming a long way from its traditional beginnings, we’ve come to love the bob in all its iterations. Read on for a few of our favorite bob hairstyles for fall and the ideal hair color to match the look!


Classic Lines

The classic shape was first born in the 1920s and encompassed a much shorter length than we are accustomed to today. With weight lines falling closer to the ear and often styled in a smooth and rounded shape that hugged the face, we have seen the classic bob take on a slightly longer length today. Still adhering to a very heavy and straight weight line, in current times the trend falls closer to the chin and is often worn with a straight and smooth style. 

Pair with: Global Color

While you can wear this cut with any color of your choosing, all-over universal color placement will enhance the silhouette and draw the eye to the deliberate lines. From darker brunettes to platinum blonde, consider a single shade with minimal dimension to champion the classic cut. Get the look with Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me + for pure, balanced results and natural depth and shine. 

Suggested Product: Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 

Shattered Texture

Great for clients with thicker hair texture, the shattered bob can be slightly longer than the classic cut due to the amount of texturization placed throughout the ends. This will naturally create a softer weight line and a slightly beachy feel to the shape. Although this style can be worn straight, it looks great with a slight undone bend or the addition of beachy waves to show off the texture. 

Pair with: Baby-lights

Due to the texturized feel of this look, a thinner placement of highlights will help the cut show off the shattered feel while giving a very slight amount of dimension. Utilize Wella Professionals BlondorPlex for up to 7 levels of lift and Bond Builder Technology built-in! 

Suggested Product: Wella Professionals BlondorPlex

Faux Shag

The faux shag can range in length, however by adding the texturizing techniques of this haircut to a bob shape, you’re able to achieve a great deal of movement for the shorter silhouette. Instead of a traditional shag with deliberate layers, the faux shag utilizes principles of texturization to add texture throughout the cut in various lengths. Similar to a shattered bob, the faux shag often includes fringe or a conscious face frame. To get the look, on dry hair stylists can use a slide cutting technique to fashion individual pieces that are tailored to your face shape and texture. 

Pair with: Balayage

Due to the undone nature of this cut and the bespoke placement of texture, balayage is the ideal color technique to highlight the overall silhouette as well as the well-placed faux shag texture.

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