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Global survey commission reveals that women are most looking forward to seeing their hairstylists post lockdown.

More than going to a restaurant or bar, the gym, shops, a concert, or even going outdoors — a US and UK based survey, commissioned by Wella Professionals earlier this month, reveals that, for women, booking an appointment with their hairdresser is their number one most imminent priority following lockdown. 

Wella Professionals has long understood the importance of hairdressing. Beyond the craft and skillset, there’s an art to the intricacies involved in the personal relationship between stylist and client — the trust they’ve forged, the confidence they create, and especially the comfort they provide. Now more than ever, during these crisis-filled times women are ultimately looking forward to getting back to this feeling. Which is why Wella Professionals is proud to announce the “But First, Hair” campaign. Designed to celebrate hairdressers and their craft, and encourage clients to return to the salon as soon as possible to support the industry. 

Since the beginning of lockdown, close to 60% of clients claimed that they miss hairdressing the most out of any other beauty services with 90% saying they will book a visit to the salon within the first month once lockdown is lifted. A further 70% of women said they would wait up to three weeks to book a proper hair appointment before considering any other alternatives.  It’s no wonder then that almost 50% of clients have continued to keep in contact with their hair stylist during this time. In terms of services, color came out on top with 85% of clients saying they would be in need of a color service as a priority with a further 50% claiming that getting their hair done boosts their confidence.

Take a peek at the "But First, Hair" campaign video that is sure to leave clients saying #butfirsthair!


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At the current moment, hairdressers might be struggling but Wella Professionals wants to remind them of the fact that clients can not wait to see them once salons open. “This is a difficult time for our industry which is why the launch of “But First, Hair” is incredibly important for us. Not only does it celebrate the hairdresser community as a whole, but it enables us to connect and support our #WellaFamily in a way that we believe will make a difference. Above anything else post lockdown, we know that seeing your hair stylist is one of the first priorities, and with this campaign, we wanted to capture this sentiment and celebrate our industry.” Laura Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer, Coty Professional Beauty

Wella Professionals hopes this campaign creates an exciting digital space for stylists and clients alike to understand what we’re all going through together and build excitement for a return to fresh color and creativity. There’s so much we can’t wait to do post lockdown. But First, Hair”.