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It’s everywhere; mermaids, oil slicks, rainbows, moons, laser beams…
Literal hair art is walking around everywhere and we are starting to see unbelievable creativity flowing around the world, not only from talented stylists but also from our clients as well. The brunettes want pops of green, marigold and crimson and our blondes are taking pastels to another level of sidewalk chalk party.

Where is all this intuitive color coming from and why are we having so much fun?
I was lucky enough to spend time with the ultra colorful @roxiedarling last year – along with doling out some mega inspiration she also created a color wheel for me. This process is a bit like having an astrological chart done but instead of ruling planets and houses, you discover what colors impact your life and how to incorporate them for positive outcomes. A 2-day Free Your Haircolor class with @roxiejanehunt kicked my obsession into overdrive! We created palettes, hair stencils, horizontal and freehand lines, and wild wefts just for fun. To see the process in action, visit @apothecurly under the BobRoss highlights... you’re welcome!

Curious about what freeing your color means? Think about the color blue.
What does it make you feel? The energies of blue shades are said to bring calm, peace, intellect and truth. How can you incorporate this into hair color formulas? Another favorite energy is orange, which inspires justice, creativity, power, and energy. Imagine coppers, rich caramels, and strawberry blondes, they all hold space for that orange to sing.
This may sound very enlightened, but imagine what can be created from a place of understanding color in a different way. Not just the primary, secondary and tertiary shades we know and love, but the emotions and energies associated with each shade. When we add golden highlights, we are potentially adding in prosperity, confidence, luck, and charisma!

Move over balayage, we are introducing "charisma-lights".
Check out this palette for starters and begin exploring color in a new way!

RED signifies the root chakra – passion, power, energy, romantic love

ORANGE signifies the sacral chakra – justice, creativity, power, energy

YELLOW signifies the solar plexus chakra – joy, happiness, intellect, imagination, air element

GREEN signifies the heart and throat chakra – growth, healing, abundance, fertility

PURPLE signifies the crown chakra – psychic abilities, divination, astral projection

SILVER - intuition, physic ability, moon energy, gratitude

We can’t wait to see what you create! Be sure to tag @bangstyle on Instagram and Facebook so we can see how you free your color!