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From beauty school students to experienced stylists, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry, expanding your skill set through continuing education is essential to a successful career. Additionally, attending classes and workshops allow beauty professionals to get outside of their normal day-to-day salon actives and get in touch with fresh inspiration and insider tips. As digital development continues, Wella Education is giving stylist the ability to complete in-person as well as virtual education covering the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry. 

Growing Your Foundations

While many beauty professionals learn plenty of foundational practices while in school, they know that education does not stop there. Part of building a great foundation is in practice and repetition of tasks. From tips on how to hold your shear to which brushes to use during blow-dries for various hair types, this can be learned through trial and error or with a little help from mentors or other beauty professionals — which is why continuing education is so important.

Customized Expert Knowledge

Once you’ve got your bearings in a salon environment and learned about the differences between various brands, it is a great idea to attend brand-specific workshops and classes to further your knowledge in a more tailored environment. Whether you’re being introduced to a new brand or it helps further your existing knowledge of a range, brand-specific cutting, coloring, styling and care techniques allow stylists to use the tools they have at hand and make the most of them and their abilities. 

Endless Inspiration

No matter where you are in the world or your current limitations in regards to staying at home, there are endless amounts of inspiration that are available to you digitally. From watching the latest @wellaeducation IG.TV to picking up a quick tip through stories or posts, education is literally at your fingertips. By keeping up on education through social media, it will keep your skills sharp and your passion for the industry engaged. You might add a weaving technique or a formulation method or get inspired by a new color, adding to your acumen or making it your own.

In addition to social media, tailored classes and workshops are readily available on WellaEd.com. With a constant rotation of classes and new items being added each and every day, beauty professionals have a plethora of choices to enhance their education in everything from cutting, color, care and style to one-on-one online coaching! 

For a full list of classes be sure to check the WellaEducation schedule here!