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Heading into the fall months, we usually see Pumpkin Spice hair color as one of the top hair color trends. However, as we head into Fall 2023 — there’s some competition with the latest trending tones — Cowgirl Copper and Apple Cider Copper. Read on to learn more about Cowgirl Copper and Apple Cider Copper and get to know their differences.

What is Cowgirl Copper?


Cowboy copper is a hair color made up of a blend of warm brown and copper tones. It has a delicate balance that creates a more muted, natural-looking copper that can be flattering on a variety of skin tones. The name was inspired by the warm tones of leather reminiscent of the cowgirl (or cowboy) culture and can be created on brunettes, redheads and even blondes. The trick comes down to creating the perfect formula — a blend of brown and copper — for a deep, rich tone perfect for fall and winter 2023.

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What is Apple Cider Copper?


While Cowgirl copper leans into a deeper, richer hue, Apple Cider Copper takes on a lighter variation of the copper trends. The overall finish is a more muted tone with a faint hint of copper that is a blend of light auburn, gold, and copper. This is an easy transition for blondes looking for a variation to strawberry blonde or for brunettes and redheads looking to lighten things up this fall and winter.

What is the difference between Cowgirl Copper and Apple Cider Copper?

Apple Cider Copper is more flattering for a variety of skin tones and features a more muted and natural-looking copper than Cowgirl Copper. It is a blend of red, orange, and brown tones, while cowgirl copper is a richer and more vibrant copper with more orange tones that are better suited for medium to dark skin tones.

When it comes to upkeep, Apple Cider Copper is slightly lower maintenance than Cowgirl Copper because Apple Cider Copper fades more slowly than Cowgirl Copper, so you won't need to touch it up as often.