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The past few seasons we’ve seen natural texture gain in popularity and this year its all about getting to know your curls. From the best ways to wear them to the top products to enhance them — we’re sharing a few insider secrets about the top curly hair trends and tips to get the perfect finish

2022’s Hottest Curly Hair Trends:

The Modern Triangle Cut

In the past, the dreaded triangle cut was a style that most curly textures tried to avoid. However, as stacked bobs gain popularity so will the return of this strong silhouette. The new take is all about embracing the shape full-on or adding shattered layers and texture to create a romantic, wispy finish. Discuss your style goals and stylist routine with your stylist so they can help craft a cut that is both bold and edgy as well as easy to take care of. Depending on your curl type, they might want to cut hair dry to ensure the perfect face-framing fit. 

Get the look:

Make sure curly texture is adequately moisturized by using Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated without silicones or sulfates, this duo is ideal to cut down on frizz and add natural smoothness from root to tip. When it comes to styling, add Wella Professionals EIMI Nutricurls Boost Bounce Curl Enhancing Mousse throughout the root to add effortless volume and Wella Professionals EIMI Nutricurls Soft Twirl Anti-Frizz Foam through mid-lengths and ends before diffusing to create defined curls and a stacked structure. 



Highlighting individual curls is one of the best techniques to enhance the depth and dimension of any texture pattern. Using a painted balayage technique or carefully placed foils, your stylist can shape your curls and finished style with simple yet effective placement. Staying true to the low-maintenance hair color trends that are everywhere this season, you should strive for only a few shades lighter than your base shade. This also cuts down on damage from bleach, which will in turn leave you with healthier locks.

Get the look: 

Wella Professionals BlondorPlex and Blondor FreeLights Hair Lightener Powder are the best options for effectively lightening curls. Wella Professionals Blondor FreeLights Hair Lightener Powder is ideal for freehand painted techniques and Wella Professionals BlondorPlex utlizes Bond Building technology for up to 97% less breakage with the same lifting performance. Following a curlights service, Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ is the ideal follow up care to take care of sensitized hair and cut down on damage while providing up to 8 weeks of color protection and smooth, shiny and strong hair. 


3D Curls

Enhancing natural texture, 3D curls is all about maximizing the shape of the curls as well as the overall silhouette of the cut to achieve multidimensional curls when styling. For best results, after the health of the hair is addressed, a high hold gel should be applied and allowed to fully dry before slightly breaking the cast of the curls apart to create volume and an enhanced shape. 

Get the look:

For maximum dimension, cleanse and condition hair with Wella Professionals Nutricurls Micellar Shampoo for Curls and Nutricare Detangling Conditioner for Waves & Curls to cut down on frizz and provide definition and nourishment. Then, prep hair for styling by layering Wella Professionals EIMI Nutricurls Boost Bounce Curl Enhancing Mousse and then Wella Professionals EIMI Nutricurls Curl Shaper Curl Defining Gel-Cream to create volume and polished definition of your curls. 


The Top Care Tips for Curly Hair:

  • Invest in scalp care
  • Detangle from the bottom up
  • Add enough product and layer when possible (Add lightweight hydration whenever possible)
  • Air dry to cut down on heat damage
  • Invest in a water filter and a silk or satin pillowcase
  • Schedule regular trims 
  • Use a twisting technique when styling to define curls 

Scalp Care

Caring for your curls should be of the utmost importance, which is why looking at your scalp care routine is key. Gently on the planet and on your hair, Wella Professionals Elements capitalizes on clean ingredients to treat the scalp and strands. To jumpstart your scalp care routine, utilize Wella Professionals Elements Purifying Pre-Shampoo Clay before cleansing to remove excess sebum and rebalance the scalp to give hair a refreshed, purified feel. 

Product Layering

Depending on your curl type, you may want to add a few products to your go-to style. Think about layering various products based on your area of concern and desired finished style. Rather than being applied all at once (like when cocktailing) layering can be done throughout the styling process. For example, apply a curl cream like Wella Professionals EIMI Nutricurls Curl Shaper Curl Defining Gel-Cream on damp hair and the diffuse dry and follow up with Wella Professionals Luminous Smoothing Oil to tame frizz and flyaways and add a generous shine. 

Styling Tips

Cutting curly hair can sometimes feel like you’re taking off more than you want. However, with regular trims, you’ll notice that the quality of your curls will actually greatly increase. Split ends and damage from regular styling, coloring or environmental damage can add to frizz and tangles ultimately disrupting your hair pattern and finish.