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From your wardrobe to your shoes, your personal style should be a direct reflection of you—and your hair should be no exception. While many guys put a lot of time and effort into picking out the right clothes that fit their lifestyle, the same can’t always be said about their ‘do. Some men stick with the same tried-and-true cut they’ve had since high school, while others simply hop on board with the latest trends without second-guessing if the look is right for them. But, much like the saying goes, “Hair makes the man,” and if the man’s hair is off-track, his entire look will be too. Take our quiz to discover the best hairstyle for you.

Q: Describe your daily attire.

A.     Leather jacket, dark jeans, white tee

B.     Plaid shorts, boat shoes and polos

C.      Board shorts, flip-flops and sunscreen

D.     Wranglers, flannel and a cap or beanie

E.      Suit, button-up and a tie

Q: How much time do you have to spend on your hair?

A.     5-10 minutes in the morning, but no time for touch-ups as I’m always on the go

B.     15-20 minutes

C.      None, I’m out of the house early to catch some waves

D.     None, I’d rather be sleeping or doing something active

E.      20-25 minutes, as long as I wake up with my alarm

Q: Where do you spend most of your time?

A.     On the road

B.     Putting on the green

C.      At the beach

D.     Hiking or doing an outdoor activity

E.      At the office


If you answered mostly As, you’ve got a cool, moto-inspired style that’s a little rough around the edges. When it comes to your hair, you need an on-trend style that won’t get messed up as you pull your helmet off. Your best bet? Opt for an undercut with a longer length on top, and use a lightweight styling cream to define your natural texture.

Try: American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion


If you answered mostly Bs, you’ve got a preppy style that needs to be able to go from the golf course to the bar. Accentuate your classic style with one of the top throwback trends at the moment: curtain fringe. The long, flowing length on top makes it easy to sweep it back when you’re on the go, but the cut still offers a cool, casual feel.


If you answered mostly Cs, chances are, you spend your days catching waves—with no time to waste styling your strands. A longer length requires minimal effort and allows your natural texture to take center stage. To keep frizz at bay, opt for a high-hold curl cream that adds definition and hydrates your strands as saltwater can be incredibly drying.

Try: American Crew Curl Control


If you answered mostly Ds, it sounds like your style is pretty low-key, which means your hair should be 100-percent fuss-free. Stick to a shorter cropped style to keep styling to a bare minimum—and out of the way when you’re rock-climbing, camping or partaking in other outdoor activities.


If you answered mostly Es, you spend most of your days in the office, meaning that a professional, well-groomed style is a daily essential. Follow Don Draper’s lead and stick with a “Mad Men”-inspired style. Think: Shiny, side-parted and slicked-back. For best results, use a water-based pomade that provides medium hold and mega-watt shine.

Try: American Crew Classic Pomade

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