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There’s been a dynamic shift in the world of hair over the past few seasons. As trends trickle down from runways and editorials, we’ve seen clients everywhere embracing their natural texture. This means that as an industry, we need to educate ourselves on the best ways to style, cut, color and treat textured hair. Because no matter the definition - coiled, curly, or wavy - textured hair requires an extra level of care. Keep reading for some of the top ways to nourish, define, and embrace natural texture this season. 


Whether your client already wears their hair naturally textured or they are transitioning toward this path, it is important to discuss a few basics at the consultation. Knowing their end goal, desired style, and lifestyle choices will help determine a few key strategies. First decide whether it is better to cut their hair wet or dry, straight or curly - sometimes it’s even a combo. Next, when coloring their hair, it is important to gain insight into their past. Due to the fact that curly hair can be more fragile, you’ll want to understand every tone or treatment their hair has undergone. This can help you not only formulate, but come up with the best transition plan for their color. 


Among the list of must-have curl items, your clients may be wondering: What is a Co-wash? Put simply, a Co-wash is a conditioning wash. A cleansing conditioner, it softly removes buildup without the use of shampoo. Leaving hair much softer, silkier, and hydrated post-shower. 

Our pick: Wella Professionals Nutricurls Cleansing Conditioner for Waves & Curls


Apart from giving clients the best products to cleanse texture, what happens after the shower is equally important. Instruct them to shy away from Terry cloth towels and to find products that are easily absorbed into the hair. While curly clients tend to reach for oils, this won’t aid in nourishing the hair. Instead, opt for a defining leave-in that treats while aiding in styling. 



Protective styling is one of the best ways for clients to achieve a seamless look without compromising the health of their hair. It is a great go-to when traveling or dealing with unruly weather if you’re a gym junky or you don’t have time on the daily to style. Protective styles come in the form of cornrows, box-braids, twists, or even Dutch or French braids. These are great options to cut down on damage from heat styling and can offer protection from outside elements like humidity.