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We get it, girl: It’s fall, which means you’re perfectly entitled to indulge in one-too-many Pumpkin Spice Lattes. But let’s face it: Thanks to the seemingly endless Starbs’ lines and way too many #fall photos on your Instagram feed, the festive beverage just isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. Why not indulge your autumnal cravings with something more unique? Enter: fall’s selection of spicy, seasonal shades that look good enough to eat—sans the sugar-fueled guilt. Check out the top five hues we’re crushing on at the moment. 

#1: Apple Cider 


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Warm apple cider may be the runner-up as the season’s most festive drink— behind the iconic PSL, of course— but this toasty hue receives top ranks as the most wanted hair color. A blend of copper, soft brown and coral hues, apple cider strands are just as cozy and inviting as their beverage (and donut) counterparts. The difference between the toasty hue and crimson locks of seasons past? The shade features an array of warm tones, inspired by the gorgeous reds and yellows of autumn’s falling leaves. 


#2: Peachy Blonde


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Want an even sweeter take on the warm tone trend? Opt for a scrumptious-looking peachy blonde hue like Mrs Bieber. An easy way to transition pastel tones into fall, this low-maintenance color typically features lived-in roots that beautifully blend into an array of peachy blonde tones, resulting in a soft shade along the ends. What's more, the festive color allows clients to go longer in between touch-ups. 


#3: Mulled Wine


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Craving something with a more luxe, grown-up feel? Mulled wine may be the color for you. Inspired by the warm red wines that are typically served during the colder months, the rich shade boasts a blend of burgundy and brown tones. Ideal for brunettes looking to spice up their locks without going too light, the subtle hint of crimson adds a seasonal twist to darker strands. The only downside? Because the color fades quickly, frequent touch-ups and glossing treatments are a definite must. 


#4: Cool Chocolate

What girl doesn’t want to sink her teeth into something sweet this season? A far cry from the off-black shades that reigned supreme in seasons pasts, cool chocolate is less harsh and flatters a larger variety of skin tones. (Heck, even Kendall ditched her signature dark brown locks for the forgiving coco hue!) What’s more, it offers endless options, whether you opt for all-over color or a subtle balayage. 


#5: Butterscotch Blonde


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Brunettes aren’t the only ones having fun this season! Model Bella Hadid has provided endless inspiration for blondes looking to transition their locks into fall. The former brunette recently debuted a yummy blonde shade boasting a blend of gold and honey tones. Though the pale shade remains fresh, sunny and inviting, the subtle warmth gives it a cozy, autumnal flair.