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Despite watching the mercury rise, summer will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. Giving rise to the “second New Year” a.k.a. back-to-school season — clients will be itching for a new style and asking for tips on how to reverse the damage they did to their hair this season. One of the most common end-of-summer battles? Getting rid of the dreaded brassiness of a summer well spent under the sun and wading in the water. Read on for a few key tips that will revitalize any shade. 

Clarify Weekly 

Having a relatively carefree summer while also having beautiful color is completely possible by adding a few products to your weekly routine to ease brassiness before it’s too late. While brassiness can be caused by UV rays and color fade, buildup is another common cause and an easy way to rid hair of that is by utilizing a clarifying shampoo about once a week. Invigo Balance Aqua Pure Purifying Shampoo will leave hair looking and feeling squeaky clean while also caring for the hair with refreshing ingredients. 

Tone at Home

Whether traveling or at home, you don’t need to spend every week at the salon to keep your color looking its best. Utilizing color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner regularly subtly adds pigments to the hair to combat the effects of color fade. If you’re looking to cool down your brunette or cut the brass in medium blonde to platinum tones, Wella Professionals Invigo Blonde Recharge Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner imparts pigments to refresh and maintain the vibrancy of hair color while combatting yellowing or brassiness. 


Gloss in the Salon

A gloss is an in-salon service that usually takes place at most highlighting and single process appointments to revitalize, correct or add tone while creating a high shine finish. In addition to this, gloss appointments are a great idea between appointments to refresh color or combat end of summer brass. Wella Professionals Color Touch is the ideal choice of demi-permanent color to switch up the tone and last up to 24 shampoos.


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