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Some choose to cover them, and others embrace them. When it comes to grey hair, there is a wide range of options to find a new color and system that works with your style. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to the cover or embrace debate, there is another choice — blend them!

What is Grey Blending?

Grey blending is a service that continues to trend in the salon as everyone is looking for low-maintenance ways to grey gracefully. While the exact outcome will be left up to you and your stylist, having a plan is ideal. Each grey blending service can easily be tailored based on your wants, needs, and the percentage of grey/white you currently have.

Which Grey Blending Option is Right for Me?

The most significant factors determining your grey blending service are your lifestyle, how much upkeep you are committed to, and the percentage of grey/white hair you currently have.

Let’s start with the percentage. It will determine which services are ideal based on how much grey/white hair you have, which is usually described in percentages (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

Next, when it comes to upkeep, you’ll want to develop short- and long-term goals with your stylist. If you can commit to regular appointments every few weeks, having touch-up or glaze services can significantly improve your tone. Based on your individual factors, your client can recommend the best pathway for your end goals.

A few options include:

  • A mix of permanent and demi-permanent color with Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect + Wella Professionals Shinefinity. This is ideal for the client that wants to cover their grey roots while also adding conditioning shine and color to their mids and ends. Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect combines uncompromised color performance with Metal Purifier, anti-metal technology and ME+ Dye Technology for up to 100% grey coverage, precise true-to-tone color results, and protection against damage caused by metals. This, coupled with Wella Professionals Shinefinity, is the ultimate duo. After a root touch-up, apply Shinefinity from root to tip to enhance the global hue and create up to 250% shinier*, up to 50% smoother**, and up to 50% smoother** hair. *versus untreated bleached hair **Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi.
  • Demi-Permanent Color Options with Wella Professionals Color Touch. This is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to cover their greys without a line of demarcation as the color grows. With 90+ shades to pick from and up to 70% grey coverage with Color Touch Plus, this line has all the vibrancy of permanent hair color but in a demi-permanent formula.

  • A mix of highlights + root retouch with Wella Professionals BlondorPlex + Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect. Whether you’ve just started to grey or are looking for a new blended solution, your stylist may suggest adding highlights around the face frame and crown to help blend your growth alongside a root touch-up. Wella Professionals BlondorPlex is the perfect lightener for grey blending as the formula contains Bond Builder Technology that provides up to 9 levels of lift and up to 97% less breakage*. *When using Wellaplex N°2 with Blondorplex versus Blondorplex alone.



How is Grey Blending Different than Other Grey Coverage Services?

Grey blending is all about finding creative solutions to accentuate your hair color. This can involve as much or as little grey coverage as you desire. While grey coverage usually covers greys completely, grey blending finds ways to cover them with sheer, minimal, or blended coverage. Grey blending also aims to find color solutions that work with your lifestyle. From minimal upkeep to high maintenance, with Wella Professionals color, there are plenty of options for grey blending or coverage.

Should I Upgrade My Home Care?

When hair starts to turn grey/white, the hair naturally begins to feel more coarse and wiry. For this reason, new hair care routines should be adopted in addition to taking care of your color.

Wella Professionals ColorMotion+

If you’re adding highlights to your grey blending routine, Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ is ideal. This line contains WellaPlex bonding agent to continue bond care for healthy hair while preserving your hair color for up to 8 weeks. 


Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Shampoo ($25.00), Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Conditioner ($25.00), Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask ($25.00).


Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR

As the ultimate choice for repair, new Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR improves hair from the inside out. It is the key to building stronger more resilient hair and with metal purifier technology removes impurities from the strands that can cause damage, leading to healthier, shinier* hair. *vs. non-conditioning shampoo. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, adding  Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue to your routine is a luxurious option to repair hair damage in just 90 seconds* creating visibly healthier hair. And in just one use, you’ll notice 99% less breakage**, and 12x smoother*** hair , with shine that lasts up to four washes. *When using ULTIMATE REPAIR Step 3 ** When using ULTIMATE REPAIR Step 3. Instrumental test versus non-conditioning shampoo. *** Vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue ($95.00). 


Get to know Wella Professionals Shinefinity

Wella Professionals Shinefinity is a glossing treatment that improves tone while creating a shine you can feel. In addition to creating unbeatable shine and beautiful true-to-tone results, you can look forward to the following with Shinefinity:

  • 37 Demi-Permanent Shades that are intermixable for endless color options
  • Offers up to 250% shinier hair*
  • Up to 50% smoother hair**
  • Up to 50% softer hair**
  • Tones that last up to 6 weeks
  • Innovative formula regulates the pH of the hair to ensure it doesn’t fall below 6.5 for balanced, optimal color results.
  • Can be used on natural hair color, after lightening, or in addition to grey coverage services.
  • Pick from 2 developers: Bowl and Brush Activator or Bottle Activator
  • Pick from Cool, Warm, Naturals, or Booster color palettes or the just-launched Signature Naturals collection featuring 5 shades ideal for counteracting warmth or creating root shadows.
  • Use Shinefinity to create shine, refresh color and highlights, add tone, enhance dimension, or correct color.
  • 1 Shinefinity tube sold every 10 seconds in the world.

*versus untreated bleached hair

**Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi