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Although you’re probably craving the warm days of summer right about now, there’s something comforting about the cold days of winter. With holiday festivities just around the corner and plenty of time to spend with family and friends, it is a lovely time of year! As we transition from Hawaiian shirts to Pea Coats, be sure to get the cut to go along with your style. Keep reading for our top picks of the season!

Buzz Cut


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The Patagonia puffy jack is a winter staple and you enjoy outdoor adventures around this time of year. You often grab a beanie before heading out of the house, which is the perfect accessory to keep your buzzed head warm.


Long Layers


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Grown out haircuts indicative of our favorite 90’s heartthrobs are all the rage this year and what better way to accentuate it than with a chunky knit and plaid scarf. Pick up a Fiber Cream alongside those new Chelsea Boots you just got and prep hair before leaving the house to allow for a style that stays put.


Shaved Sides


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Justin Timberlake has made yet another hair debut and we love this one too. Leaving the top long with shaved sides allows for a high contrast within your style. A style that is sure to accentuate your jawline and cheekbones. Have fun with your length on top by adding undone texture with Tech Series Texture Foam.

Looking for more hair tips for the season? Check out these grooming guides and stay tuned for even more hair inspiration!