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If the past few seasons were any indication, 2017 is proving to be the year of natural texture. And, as trends would have it, now is the perfect time for men to embrace their curls in a unique way. Gone are the days of buzz cuts and a one size fits all styling regime, which has been replaced by bespoke styling and a world full of techniques for men.

Embracing this new look may take some getting used to. Whether you choose to grow your hair out to let your natural wave shine or simply let your usually straight locks go curly, the accentuation of your face and features will change as well.

Part of learning how to embrace your texture is by using products and techniques to tame or highlight the wave patterns. A simple fix; like actually using Conditioner (because most men don’t,) can be the fix your hair may need. If your curl pattern needs a little extra oomph, we suggest using a curl-enhancing product like Boost Cream, it will define your curls and add volume, allowing them to be more noticeable. If frizz or environmental factors are an issue try using Curl Control. It will tame your cuticles and keep the frizz at bay. Another great tamer for textured hair is the new Heavy Hold Pomade – although water-soluble, this firm holding pomade will control texture and allow you to create any style you desire.

If all else fails, MAKE A COCKTAIL. And we’re not talking about the alcoholic kind. Sometimes your hair needs definition and shine, making a cocktail of products your go-to technique. Think about combining Grooming Spray and Boost Cream for mornings when you want to air dry, or Curl Control and Grooming Spray for a date night out on the town.

The most important thing when it comes to handling your curls is to have fun with the adventure. Every day might not always be a perfect hair day, but with time, patience and a little help from products you’ll learn to love your new style.

Based on your personal style and texture type these styles may vary, but this is where the beauty of men’s grooming lies. Experiment with your hair and try out new products to get a look you’re proud of! Stay tuned for even more Fashion Week inspiration and be sure to check out more tips and tricks from American Crew on Bangstyle.