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When hair straighteners, curling irons and professional blow-dryers became easily available for at-home use it was almost too good to be true for curly clients — or was it?

Many of us can probably still remember a time when it was deemed acceptable to try and smooth hair at home with a clothing iron. (Note: please don’t try that at home). Due to this, when consumer-friendly hair care devices hit the market it allowed clients everywhere to achieve salon-worthy styles in the comfort of their own home. This paired with the increase in blogs, vlogs and online tutorials now readily available, achieving your desired style is now easier than ever. However, the increase in at-home styling has also led to an increase in accidental hair blunders. From hair color to cutting and even styling, when creating a style at home it is still just as important to learn techniques and tips from a licensed professional. 

Below, we’re touching on the impact heat has on curly and textured hair and the top techniques you can use to protect your hair and embrace your texture. 

Care From Start To Finish

The addition of heat protecting products is a key step in any finished style (we’ll touch more on this later), however, taking care of your curls actually starts from the moment you wash. It is imperative to pick curl-specific care products to cleanse and condition the hair without stripping it of natural oils or weighing strands down. To hit the perfect balance, we suggest beginning with the Wella Professionals Nutricurls line to treat various texture type to an optimum level of lightweight nourishment in order to achieve bouncy locks.  

What we suggest: Wella Professionals Nutricurls

Adjust The Heat on Hot Tools

Investing in quality hot tools is a great first step, but be sure to consult your stylist about the settings. Many clients will immediately turn the temperature of their hot tool to the hottest setting to achieve the quickest, sleekest results. However, based on hair type, texture and whether or not you color your hair, this can be a recipe for disaster. By continuously applying too high of heat to your hair, you can easily damage your cuticle layer, which can cause premature color fade, split ends, frizz and breakage. Additionally, over time you’ll notice your curls aren’t as bouncy or defined as they used to be. 

Use Protection

Whether blow drying straight, using a curling iron or diffusing dry, anytime you use heat to style you should always use a product specifically created for heat protection. Wella Professionals EIMI Smooth Thermal Image is a nourishing formula that protects the hair against heat up to 425°F. Consider layering this first and then applying Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil to add shine, smooth hair and achieve frizz-free results.


Air-Dry Often

Depending on hair type and texture the amount of time between washes will vary slightly. Whether you wash every other day or once a week, consider skipping heat styling when not necessary. By cutting down on the amount of heat you apply to your hair you’ll notice your curls become more manageable, bouncier and less frizzy.