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Maintaining a new hair color is a commitment that holds equal weight between the stylist and client, one that’s heightened when it comes to lightening up. When deciding to go lighter, the process involves a vision, a plan, and a great deal of trust. Once your stylist gets your color to the desired goal shade, it then becomes the responsibility of the client to maintain it between appointments. If you’ve thought about transforming your hair from darker shades to beige bronde or platinum blonde, read on for some of the top tips for both stylists and clients in order to avoid bleach disasters. 

Be Realistic

If the agreed-upon goal shade is going to be a big transformation — let's say from a level 3 (dark brown) to a level 10 (light blonde) — set realistic goals and schedule multiple appointments to get you there. Although it is possible to get close to this kind of transformation in a single session, it is better for the health of the hair to spread the process out over 2 or 3 appointments in order to maintain the integrity of the hair. 

Decide On The Route You’ll Take

Is the goal to be blonde all over or is the goal closer to a beach blonde transformation with various levels of blonde throughout? This will determine the stylists choice between on-scalp bleach application, foils, or balayage. While lighteners are the best way to reach new highs, sometimes the best shades continue to develop over time after the appointment. To ensure you reach the goal shade without going past it, discuss the history of the hair and if there is any prior knowledge of how lightening services usual impact the end result. 

It’s All About The Upkeep

From the temperature of their water to the type of products used in the shower and out — these factors can greatly impact the outcome and upkeep of any color service. Due to the fact that lightened hair is naturally in a slightly weakened state, opting for cooler water temperatures while washing and conditioning hair helps aid in moisture retention. In addition to this, utilizing high-quality products to preserve color and enhance the health of the hair from wash to style is key. 

We suggest:  ColorMotion+ range of shampoo, conditioners and treatments both in the salon and at home to protect the integrity of your hair while preserving the color that’s been created. *Pro-tip: follow with Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image to protect the hair from heat styling while nourishing and smoothing the strands.