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Over the past few months, the hair industry has seen a great deal of change, and as salons begin to welcome clients back to the chair, you might notice a heightened level of enthusiasm for a new look. While some clients will want their signature style, some might be in need of a color correction, and still others may be looking for a drastic transformation. During times of stress, change, or even boredom, it is natural to look for new ways to update appearances. We’ve seen this time after time as clients turn to Youtube tutorials to learn how to cut their own fringe or highlight their own hair. As an uptick in #Quaran-cut and #Pandemic-Bangs begin to trend on social media, it can be a great idea to have a few suggestions about how to navigate their look once they return to the salon.

If Length Is An Issue

If your client took Fiskars to their fringe, baby bangs could be an option or you might need to wait for more length before fixing their look. Styling is the number one way to help ease them back into their usual routine. An easy fix? Teach them how to create a fringe braid – this will allow them to get through the awkward growth stages and work together with you to learn something new! 

If They Used Box Dye

Some clients may have rocked their grays proudly, while others caved to an at-home solution. If your client used box dye, you’ll want to have an open and honest conversation with them about the impact. If they covered their grays, you’ll need to explain to them that they might see bands or uneven tone in the hair in the interim. If they regularly highlight their hair, you’ll want to instruct them on the best ways to hydrate and nourish their strands. If they are looking for a change, it will need to be gradual and you'll need to work together to create a plan moving forward.

If They Want A Big Change

While some clients may have tried to change their look at home, others waited it out and are itching to try something new! Those with long hair might be looking for a short look and those with grown-out highlights might choose to go back to their natural color. Prior to your appointment, instruct them to gather a few pictures so you can plan a refreshing new style together. Schedule a FaceTime or Zoom consultation prior to the appointment to get the conversation started! Have fun with the concept of a big transformation and be creative. Just don’t forget to give honest advice from your professional opinion.