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Through the power of Google, TikTok, Youtube and Instagram, the modern-day client is now more informed than ever. While some aren’t aware of the latest and greatest treatments, many actually know exactly what to ask for by name or technique. As you begin to integrate the Wella Professionals Shinefinity Glaze services in your salon, you might be curious about the best way to upsell this service to clients. 

The beautiful thing about new Wella Professionals Shinefinity is that this zero lift, clean formula glaze can be easily tailored to every client — from grey coverage to root tints, highlighting and balayage or even clients with natural color just stopping by for a style! 



Talking Points:

During the consultation it is important to educate the client about what Shinefinity is, the benefits for their color, and how it will leave them with shine they can feel. 

  • Shinefinity is a zero lift, zero damage demi-permanent hair color
  • Although at the backbar you will refer to Shinefinity as a glaze, the client should familiarize themselves with it as a “gloss” or “gloss service”
  • Reinforce that it does not have the power to lift their color lighter only enhance it by depositing color 
  • Shinefinity will last up to 6 weeks, making it an ideal low-maintenance service
  • Home care should always be upgraded with color-specific haircare like the Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ range



How To Use Shinefinity Alongside Other Services

Shinefinity can be used to add shine and dimension, refresh, tone and correct unwanted shades and are ideal to be coupled with the following services:

1. Grey Coverage Clients or Root Tints

Whether your client is a regular grey coverage client or simply likes to change the color of their natural tone, Shinefinity is an ideal add-on service any time you touch up. Over time, when root touch-ups come in, the mid-lengths and ends of their hair can appear dull or faded. Instead of layering permanent color over this area (an obvious no-no), add a Shinefinity Glaze to refresh their color and breath new life into their shade. 

2. Blonding

Let’s face it, rarely does any client lift to a perfect shade — there are often unwanted tones that present themselves — which is where the Shinefinity glaze steps in. Whether you’re performing foiled highlights or a free-handed balayage, adding a glaze over freshly lifted locks can help add dimension, perfect tone and normalize the pH levels of the hair following the bleach application. In addition to correcting tone, by neutralizing pH levels, Shinefinity helps desensitize strands leading to stronger, healthier-feeling hair. 

3. Natural Hair Color

Chances are you have a handful of clients who do not yet color their hair but often come in for haircuts or styling sessions. These guests are also ideal candidates for a Shinefinity glaze. Due to the zero damage, zero lift formula, adding a glaze to their appointment adds unbeatable shine and a healthy feel to ensure their style looks its best. 

To learn more about the new Wella Professionals Shinefinity, visit Wellastore.com!