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Cover style: Peachy Stylist

You want long, voluminous, flowing hair but are lacking those rapunzel genes? Try out these hair hacks to keep your hair looking fab all weekend. 

Wash well! When hair is dirty it tends to fall limp and and be lifeless. Prior to styling make sure you are cleansing your hair properly and sufficiently. Aim to use a detoxifying shampoo like MAXI.WASH or RADIA atleast once a week. Removing toxins, impurities, and product buildup will give your fine hair the extra oomph it needs. 

Make friends with dry shampoo, dry shampoo and your fine hair should be besties by the time Sunday rolls around. Since your hair is on the finer side, avoiding excess styling will help deter breakage. Dry shampoo will also add thickness to your hair while ridding your roots of oils, #2birds1product, #winning! 

Trim! Getting regular trims will help your hair appear thicker while combatting breakage. Hair that is uneven is at greater risk for breakage - there is strength in numbers and your whispy ends don’t stand a chance to your blowout. Having even ends will improve your style AND your length. 

Eat your veggies! Seriously though, your mom was onto something... Incorporating more vitamins and minerals into your diet can help improve not only your hair but skin and nails as well. There are also supplements such as Biotin, a B vitamin, that will aid in the strength and growth of your hair. Learn about what to eat for healthy hair!

Try a new product regime! Mousse is making its way back into the limelight and its hotter than ever. You may remember it as the product that once made your hair “crunchy” but there are so many new formulas to try and ways to apply it that will make your hair stand out from the crowd. 


What are some of your favorite tips for thin hair? Leave below in the comments or reach out to us to share!