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A new collection by the Royals Hair Sydney titled Illusion is the latest from Royals Artistic Team - artists Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Gottwald, and Elie Kashi.

Social media is around us at every turn and has become a large part of our beings. We have created a new concept of “self” through an online portal in which we portray our lives. The Royals Artistic Team dissects exactly what it means to expose this world and how it influences behavior in “real life”. Keep reading to learn more about the collection and see the stunning images from these talented artists!

The collection, ILLUSION, is a metaphor created to be centred around social media and the way it can, and does, distort reality.

The reflections through these mirrors symbolise how people are living alternate lives; one on social media which exposes their alternate being to the world, and the more incognito life off social media - ‘real life’.


Social media stories and posts are made in hindsight and are linear representations crafted to project an idealized version of a person’s interests and lifestyle - or what they want the world to see.

This influences the person’s behaviour in real life - what they are creating results in merely being content for an audience rather than living in the moment and their ‘real’, authentic life.


HAIR: Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Gottwald, and Elie Kashi. (Royals Artistic Team)
MAKEUP: Chereine Waddell
STYLING: Angela Liang