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Although 2020 has already felt like a doozy, there’s still something about Mercury in retrograde that gets us every time. Apparently this time around we’re also dealing with a Mars in retrograde situation as well, which has us feeling all kinds of uncertainty. While it might feel as though Mercury and Mars have your entire life on spin cycle, try and take back some of your power by harnessing this energy in all the right places – your #selfcare routine. 


Start With The Way You Move

Astrology experts warn us against the energy levels associated with this perfect storm of Mercury/Mars retrograde because it can fatigue us while also creating nervous energy. Creating consistency with your routine – from working out to making "me time” – can work wonders to get through the next few weeks. Listen to your body: if you’re feeling fatigued, hit the snooze and if you’re feeling nervous, harness that power and give your workout a little extra kick. Either way, self-care is all about listening to your self


Make “Me Time” Extra Special

While Mercury in retrograde tends to literally “shake” everything up in your life, Mars in retrograde tends to be more directly related to relationships. Whether you’re in a relationship or need to work on the one with yourself, making “me time” a little extra special can go a long way. From calming uncertainty to finding your balance when it comes to communication, prep yourself for success by taking a literal chill pill. Block off your schedule or take a half-day and create an indulgent experience at home. From watching Netflix in your PJs and a face mask to deep conditioning your hair with a bath and a podcast – there’s just something about taking care of your hair and skin that can instantly relax anyone. 


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Focus on Your Wellness

As we grow older we start to realize how much of a difference sleep and nutrition has on our bodies. We can no longer stay out all night and be coherent in the morning or survive off of coffee and gummy bears for breakfast. From achieving a consistent sleep schedule to prioritizing meal prep – making time for these essentials will greatly impact your energy levels, especially during our current astrological mash-up. 


Take A Gentle Approach 

If Mercury has drummed up communication with an old flame or Mars has you fighting with your beau or bestie, remember to be gentle. Slowing down and thinking before you react to miscommunications and tensions that come up during this time can save you the need to apologize later. Additionally, try not to make big decisions during this time. From drastic beauty transformations to career or relocation changes – let those decisions wait until things have cooled down.