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As a beauty professional — education, inspiration, and fostering creativity are some of the most important aspects of your career, yet are often overlooked. It is easy to get bogged down by everyday salon life and go through the same motions with clients and services. This is why going outside your routine and participating in events and classes can be a driving force to reignite your passion for the industry. 

Leading the charge, Wella Professionals has endless amounts of inspiration through education available to salon professionals year-round. From sparking creativity with their Beauty Envision Awards (BEA) to in-person and digital classes available via WellaEd.com and online events like WeCreate that give you access to some of the top educators and leaders in the industry. Below, we’re detailing a few of the ways you can tune in, enroll and activate your education. 

Beauty Envision Awards 2021

Each year, artists participate in competition work by entering their artistry in the TrendVision Beauty Envision Awards. This year, there are 13 diverse categories to chose from to show off a range of talents. The 2021 Beauty Envision Awards are now open for entry until May 20th and take place on August 15. Learn more about the awards by visiting www.beautyenvisionawards.com or following @WellaHairUsa and @WellaEducation on social media. 

Discover What WellaEd.com Has To Offer

With a range of upcoming in-person and digital offerings, Wella Education has tailored classes that deliver the latest in color, cut, care and style, nails, social media, and business. By keeping your skills sharp and learning new ones, you’ll be able to offer a wide range of services to clients, learn new tips and techniques, and brush up on your foundations. Check out the upcoming WelleEd.com schedule here to enroll!

Tune Into WeCreate

Now available to view on playback, the Wella Company WeCreate event was a virtual global inspirational event that showcased educators and topics from all over the world. With the ability to select topics that interest you most, there are two main channels: WeInspire which takes you behind the scenes of how shows are created, and WeTransform that details hair tips, transformations, and tips to utilize in everyday salon life. 


Be sure to check out the latest class schedule at WellaEd.com and follow @wellahairusa and @wellaeducation for daily inspiration!