1813cb4efdfc356e28a7 summer hairstyles for men

The styles debuted at the Spring/Summer shows this year gave us an inkling of where men’s fashion is heading. From short to long, here are the hottest haircut trends we hope to see on you Scumbags this year!

Buzz off – Even Kristen Stewart embraced this trend with open arms. A short buzz can feel freeing for the summer; with less length your style is seamless and simple. Although you may think about doing this one yourself, don’t. Get a professional to create this low-maintenance look; you will be able to tell the difference.

Deep part and disheveled – Men’s hair trends have grown in length this season, leaving them with a larger canvas to work with. Instead of donning those locks in a knot, let them loose. Channel your inner Jack Greystone and use a dramatic part and specialty products to create a dapper, disheveled look. For fine, thin hair: add Fiber Pomade to your arsenal, for thick locks use Clay Matte Pomade for a strong yet flexible hold.

Texture – The entire fashion and beauty industry is embracing natural texture this season. Don’t fight with your curls; welcome them in with open arms. The biggest hurdle you will face is learning how to wrangle them. Product, product and product are your biggest friends. Invest in a few key items (shampoo and conditioner included) to create a controlled yet sexy look. We suggest Fiber Pomade to add volume, grit and hold.

Slicked crop – This cut looks great on medium length hair and can offer a bit of variety as it grows out. We love this style slicked back with Grease for a smooth look or as an accentuation of natural texture. To create a straight style, blow-dry your hair with Grooming Tonic, then once dry apply Reuzel Grease Green for a pliable hold. If you are looking for a more laid-back style: let your hair air dry and then apply Reuzel Fiber Pomade to give your texture a bed-head feel.

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