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The Rachel haircut was a huge hit in the 90s, thanks to Jennifer Anniston and Friends, and has continued to trend ever since. Every few seasons we see this style pop up with new finishes and modernized touches that pay tribute to this iconic look. According to the chatter, the original “Rachel” haircut wasn’t exactly Jennifer Anniston’s favorite look because of the upkeep. The style — a shoulder-length look with tons of layers and volume was difficult to style and required the help of her trusted stylist and creator of the cut Chris McMillan.

“The Rachel” Haircut Trend

The original “Rachel” was a shoulder-length textured cut featuring layers upon layers and a rounded finish.

Currently, the Rachel has influenced a whole new slew of trends and even given attention to her costar Courtney Cox with “The Monica” cut starting to surface. From The Rachel to the Brachel, the Butterfly Cut, the Wolfcut, Octopus Cut, and 90s layers — the style captured initially with the Rachel influences a movement toward volume, layers, and bouncy blowouts.

The latest renditions, borrowing inspiration from the Rachel, prove to be less high-maintenance, but it really just depends on your hair type.

Haircuts Influenced by “The Rachel”

The Brachel

A hyrbid cut that combines “The Rachel” with Brigitte Bardot bangs.


The Butterfly Cut

With face-framing layers that resemble a butterfly's wings, this haircut was one of the top breakout trends of the year.


The Wolf Cut

With shaggy pieces and various lengths, we love combining this cut with a full fringe. 


The Octopus Cut

The octopus cut takes on all the round layers and features that made the original Rachel popular, but with a little more wispy length.


The Monica


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First The Rachel, now The Monica, we're sure to see The Phoebe next year. This cut can only be described as the original bixie. 


No matter what trend you decide to ask for, the main takeaway is that layers are back in a big way. Finding the right look should be determined between you and your stylist based on what your routine looks like, your hair and texture type and the finished look you’re ultimately after.