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This season, its all about the beards, the mustaches and embracing the total look. Whether for a good cause like #Movember or simply to embrace the weather - these are our top tips for growing out your facial hair in style. 

Interested in becoming a Mo Bro?

The mustache has been a longtime fan favorite of hipsters and traditional gentleman alike. The perfect accompaniment to a bow-tie or a vintage motorcycle, it will earn you some serious street cred. If you’re going to be growing out your mustache, you may want to start with an all over scruff and whittle it down to a mustache - this will help you avoid an awkward in-between style. 


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Mid-Length Beard

If you like the idea of a beard, but also want to keep it tamed, it is important to seek professional assistance. Having someone else trim your beard is imperative due to the fact that it can be hard to see the shape of your beard from all angles. You’ll want to pick up a few tips from your barber on how to keep in shape in between appointments, but picking up Beard Serum will keep it looking shiny and healthy. 


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Full-Length Beard

This looks takes a great deal of time and dedication and might take more than just a month to get a full-looking length. Just like growing hair longer, you may require trims throughout the growing process - it keeps things in shape and helps create a more robust look. If you are in it for the long haul, it is imperative to get your beard routine under control. You’ll want to pick up Beard Foam Cleanser to start, this leave-in foam can be used every day to deodorize and rid beard hair of daily residue. As your hair grows, alternate between Beard Serum for extra conditioning and Beard Balm for extra control!


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