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There have been endless haircut trends that have come and gone throughout the year. While some probably won’t stick around, there are a few standout trends. Below, check out the top 5 haircut trends we expect to see in 2023.

2023 Top Haircut Trends 

The Box Bob


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Essentially a very blunt bob that rests at the cheekbones, the box bob is ideal if you struggle with adding volume and fullness to your style. The cut builds volume into your look with a full, stacked weight line before you even begin styling. After getting the cut, add a few products to create lift at the roots or a sleek finish depending on your hair type and texture.  


'70s Curtain Fringe

Curtain bangs are back, again, and this time with a grown-out look that is giving off '70s vibes. The new and improved curtain bang – 70’s curtain fringe – has a swooshy feel with plenty of volume and thickness. The length is short enough to still be considered a fringe and long enough to easily tuck your bangs behind your ears! The look can be created on naturally curly, wavy, or straight hair as long as it is tailored to texture and face shape. 


The Butterfly Cut

butterfly cut

A mix of “the Rachel” and a shag, this cut adds shape and movement to long hair. Feathered layers with a shorter layer falling around the cheekbone help to create the look of a butterfly’s wing, where this cut gets its name. The cut can be created on almost any hair type and tailored to fit facial features.

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Fringed Bobs

Bobs of all lengths and styles continued the trend this season by adding fringe. This pairing creates a finish that can be edgy, cool, or classic based on texturizing and styling.

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The Bixie

The bixie was one of the hottest cuts of 2022. Created by Wella Ambassador Briana Cisneros, the cut is hybrid cut between a pixie and a bob. The look is usually shorter than a bob but longer than a pixie. The length can be tailored to your texture type, and based on your hair it could be high or low-maintenance.

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The Wolf Cut

Like the shag, the wolf cut embodies that same feathered texture you might see in a butterfly cut. However, the wolf cut has less distinct butterfly bangs and features a fuller fringe. Full of movement and texture, this modern take on the shag also incorporates elements of the mullet with a sexy, disheveled finish.

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The Boy Bob

The boy bob is a distinct bob shape that takes on a single length but with more of a free-shaped form. The look feels surfer-chic but also fashion-forward at the same time. This cut might be challenging for those with thick hair, but can create their own version of the look.

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