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Since its inception, the vast majority of the motorcycle community has always been stylish. Rebels with a cause, a newfound appreciation has begun again for this lifestyle and a new season of style is blossoming alongside it. As motorcycle trends take on vintage-inspired shapes, their gear, attitude, and style are coming along for the ride.

Perhaps the most stylish of the trends came out of London post-WWII when the Ton Up Club and Café Racers ruled the streets. Slicked back looks and a high shine finish was key for the café crowd. As bikes evolved, so did the riders. These days, riders look a little less Sons Of Anarchy and a little more GQ! Keep reading to see how to get some of our favorite moto-inspired styles.

High and Tight

Your bike of choice is probably a little more on the sporty side. You have a need for speed for both your bike and your grooming routine. Pick up Molding Clay to ensure your style stays put no matter how fast you’re moving.


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Flipped and Flopped

You like your hair like you like your rides, long! You enjoy the open road and especially the wind blowing through your flowing hair. Since you probably like your strands too look naturally coiffed, opt for Light Hold Texture Lotion to ensure you can still run your hands through your strands.


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Natural Height & Texture

You like to look great on the bike and off. You would rather embrace your natural texture and movement than fight it. Spritz Grooming Spray throughout damp hair, hit your roots with a blow dryer to lock in texture and then use your fingers to tousle your texture once hair is dry.


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Slick and Sleek

You’re a “keep a comb in your back pocket” type kind of guy and your shoes are probably always shined. Your bike is of the vintage variety and you love a good IPA. Keep your strands in check by prepping with The Alternator before you blow dry and then finish your look with Pomade for a high shine.


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