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As a colorist, the tools you utilize in the salon are imperative to the outcome of your client’s hair. Everyone has their favorite color brush or go-to formula, but above all else, the color line is key to bringing your creations to life. With over 15-years in the industry Patricia Nikole – the newest Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador – couldn’t agree more.  “Wella Professionals Color portfolio really helps me take my signature looks to the next level,” she says. Curious about her signature style? Patricia Nikole is known for her PaintedHair™ technique – seamless blends to create the ultimate natural-looking finish. 

As clients begin to head back to the salon, many of them are asking for low-maintenance trends that accentuate their unique style. So we chatted with Patricia Nikole about tips to recreate the look in the salon!

Remember To Create Depth

One of the key tips Patricia says is often overlooked is maintaining depth within a color. As much as we (and our clients) love lightening, creating modern multi-dimensional results is just as important as lifting to the desired level. When it comes to placement, have a plan and be intentional. Many clients love the PaintedHair look because of the low-maintenance factor, so think about how the hair will grow out over time and pay attention to the way your client normally wears their hair. 

Products Are Key

This look has a more artistic feel to it, with blended strokes and deliberate lightening to accentuate the finished look. Due to the freehand nature of it, having the best products to get the desired look is key, which is why Patricia chooses Wella Professional Blondor FreeLights White Lightening Powder or Wella Professionals BlondorPlex with Wella Professionals WellaPlex No.2 Bond Stabilizer to ensure the optimum health of the hair.


See How To Get The Look

Taking you behind the scenes of one of our favorite PaintedHair creations, Patricia takes us through the exact steps taken to create this beautifully blended look!


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