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NAHA Finalist - Ali Haller | Student

Ali Haller's work is total #goals! As a Student Finalist, we see her vision is well beyond her years. Creating cuts with interest and color with purpose we can't wait to see what this artist does next! Keep reading to get to know more about this amazing artist and all of her inspirations! 

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NAHA Finalist - Jamie DiGrazia | Men's Hairstylist of the Year

Jamie Digrazia shows off her beautiful influence over not only the industry but movements within it as well. Working hard for change and acceptance she opened one of the country's first gender-neutral salons. Through this collection, she reinforces the idea of looking outside of the box and seeing shapes and silhouettes for just that, not who is wearing them. We absolutely love this work and the message and hope you can gain some insight into this amazing artist by seeing what inspires her most.

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Bonding Over Beauty With Ashley Austin!

Ashley with a “Y” Austin, our resident Social Media and Marketing Gal brings a fresh perspective to the Bangstyle team. Always with a smile on her face, we want to know her beauty secrets! We chatted with Ashley about some of her healthiest habits and go-to beauty standards.

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NAHA Finalist - Madison Wade | Newcomer

Madison Wade shows off her skill in this gorgeous collection. With an amazing amount of depth in her colors and texture within her cuts, Madison shows the breadth of her reach. Get to know more about this amazing artist and the steps she took to get to where she is now!

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NAHA Finalist - Dana Hodges Caschetta | Men's and Styling & Finishing

We absolutely love how these collections were shot in black and white. They give light to the form of her silhouettes and show off Dana's beautiful designs. Her finished looks are absolutely stunning and give us all a little inspiration to look forward to. Keep reading to get to know more about Dana and her fabulous work...

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NAHA Finalist - Paul Pereira | Men's Hairstylist of the Year

Always ahead of the trends, Paul dazzles us again this year. He takes his inspiration from the world around him and intuitively draws on the movements he sees. We see modern and classic vibes intertwining in his styling and can only hope this is what we have to look forward to for the trends to come! Keep reading to get to know more about this amazing artist and his current inspirations!

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The Biggest Hair Mistake I Ever Made

I haven’t cheated on my hairstylist in years – and for good reason. I absolutely LOVE the way she does my hair and my hairstylist is also one of my very close friends (we worked together for about 5 years). I recently moved to a new city and although I vowed to still always go see her, I had to cheat (but she knew about it). Due to a scheduling conflict, it just couldn’t be avoided.

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Bonding Over Beauty With Lori Barsamian!

Our resident Content Manager and Beauty Writer, Lori was a stylist is her (recent) former life and now spends her days writing about it – and traveling as much as she can in her free time. Get to know more about the girl who helps curate all your favorite beauty tips and techniques!

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Bonding Over Beauty With Jessie Gutierrez!

Jessie Gutierrez, our resident Social Media maven and trusted Digital Marketing Gal here at Bangstyle has a penchant for topknots and can throw a killer right hook. Get to know more about this stellar girl and her favorite daily beauty habits!

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