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Grandeur - Adrian Gutierrez

Inspiration can be found in the every day. It just takes a new perspective to learn how to harness what might be inconsequential moments into powerful creativity. This is exactly what Adrian Gutierrez did with his latest collection. Each day, Adrian observes his garden while drinking tea before heading to work. This is where shapes and texture came to life - from nature. Keep reading to learn more about his latest collection, how he got to where he is today! 

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Swim Cap - Stacey Whittaker

Bold color and an even bolder statement, Stacey Whittaker's latest collection - Swim Cap - was inspired by her models and the retro vibes of recent fashion weeks. Melting the retro with the modern, her colors are deliberate and her creations are showstopping. Keep reading to hear more about the collection from Stacey herself and learn how she got the finished look!

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Braids Are Back—The Top Tutorials For Beginners

With award show and Fashion Week seasons in full swing, there’s no shortage of “hair-spiration” out there. One of the reoccurring looks that every supermodel and celebrity is rocking this season? Braids! The “oldie-but-goodie” style is forever being reimagined on the red carpet and the runways, providing stylists and braiding “pros” with plenty of looks to try out. But what about the non-expert braiders? You know, the women who have enough trouble trying to pull together a traditional three-strand braid to bother with any other woven style. Guess what? You’re in luck! This year, we’ve spotted an array of easy-to-execute plaits on celebs and models alike. Check out the top tips for beginning your braid and the trendiest braided looks we’re loving at the moment.

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Secrets To Getting The Right Cut

When it comes to achieving the style of your dreams, your stylist will swear that it’s all in the technique. And that's 100-percent correct!  One bad technique can instantly transform a cutting-edge style into a major faux pas. Although clients don’t have to be familiar with every type of cutting maneuver out there, it’s always a good idea to understand what type of cut to ask for in order to achieve your desired style. If you're looking for the right way to convey what you're looking for, a few keywords about technique will help greatly in communication. Keep reading for a foolproof guide to getting what you want in the salon.

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RUSH International Colour Artists Campaign

Transperancy and communication is often the key to a successful salon appointment. To help with client communication Rush and the experts at LOréal Professional have worked together to create a campaign to help bridge the gap between terminology and technique. To launch the campaign they created a new collection, shown below. Keep reading to hear more about the program and hear from Chris Williams, Rush International Colour Director about the process!

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Rainbow Room International - Power To The Youth

Sometimes inspiration comes at the moment. As true artists, stylists have the ability to instantly change the look and feel of their creation with the swipe of a color brush or the spin of a brush. In the latest Collection From Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon – Power To The Youth – the team created a character for each girl to create fresh, new styles we can all appreciate! We chatted with Paddy McDougall, Art Director at Rainbow Room International George Square Salon and Global Ambassador for Indola – keep reading to learn more about the collection and see it in its entirety below!  

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5 Tips For Getting The Best Beach Waves

Forget winter’s stick-straight styles—with summer quickly approaching, beach waves are once again expected to reign supreme as the season’s top trend. And, if clients have any hope of recreating the flirty, effortless look, they’re going to need a cut to match. Unfortunately, not all cuts are created equal when it comes to achieving full-bodied, textured waves. Keep reading to discover five issues to look out for to ensure clients’ waves look on point all summer long.

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6 Ways to Reverse Hair Damage

We’ve all been there – turned the curling iron a little to high, ran the blow-dryer over the section one too many times without a heat protectant, got trigger happy and decided to try out a box-dye at home – whatever the cause of the hair damage, there are new ways to help fix and at times reverse your faux pas. Keep reading for a few quick and easy ways to ease the pain.

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Balayage 101: What It Is & How To Charge Accordingly

It’s been a couple of years since balayage took salons everywhere by storm. And while many colorists have taken the trend above and beyond, there is still some confusion about the technique amongst clients. Here, we break down everything you need to know about balayage, along with how to charge in the salon and client tips for getting the most out of their hair color.


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