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Runway to Your Way: ’90s Hair

One look at the hairstyles spotted at the Autumn/Winter 2018 New York Fashion Week runways and you may think you’ve gone back in time. The ’90s made a strong comeback, with models donning everything from claw clips to crimped ends, while fashion echoed a retro feel with a modern edge. So does this mean a full-blown ’90s revival is in effect? Don’t go grabbing your barrettes quite yet! Check out easy ways to rock your favorite runway styles without looking like you’re stuck in “Blossom” rerun.

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Backstage Essentials Every Stylist Needs

Finding your groove when you’re working backstage at Fashion Week can feel almost impossible. With models, makeup artists, nail artists and designers frantically trying to get everything perfect for the runway, things turn into total chaos, and when time, space and calmness are limited, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Check out the top hair must-haves every stylist should keep on-hand.

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Fashion Week Beauty That Has Us Head Over Heels

The makeup trends seen walking up and down the runway this year have been stopping us in our tracks. With powerful colors, creative use of products and placement and updating modern classics, we can’t wait to see these styles trickle down to the street. Follow along below to see some of our favorite looks.

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Taking Back Texture - Mizani Empowers At NYFW

Fashion Week is increasingly showing natural texture both on the runways and in the streets. While texture (both in hair and wardrobe) is having a sweeping moment within the beauty and fashion world, we’re left wondering about the models who come in with texture and how their natural style is handled backstage. Luckily, Mizani has them covered this season. They are proactively providing 40 international runway models of color with specialized products in their MIZANI Fashion Week Survival Kits.

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Valentine’s Day Shades To Swoon Over

If Valentino SS18 was any indication, rosy hues and an overstated wash of color are totally on-trend. We’re also deeming this the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day – colorful and bright! The great thing about makeup is its ability to transform your face and your mood with a couple well-placed highlights. Not to mention its brevity – you can be a color chameleon one day and bare and beautiful the next. So, what are our favorite ways to wear color this season? Keep scrolling.

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Date Night Essentials to Throw In Your Purse

Half of the fun of Valentine’s Day is prepping for a romantic evening. From a new dress to the right shoes, V-Day is the perfect excuse to spend a little extra time getting ready. But what should you take with you when you’re on the date? Read on to find out the beauty and haircare must-haves every girl should have on hand.

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The It-Shade Of The Season

There is no doubt about it, exploring a new hair color these days is all about reinventing your style and going outside your comfort zone. While punchy pastels and bold brights might not be your thing, exploring extremes within natural tones could be just what you needed! If you’re bored with your usual blonde tones, opt for an icy blonde!

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Bridal How-To With Celebrity Stylist Jay Birmingham

There are so many details that go into the big day: is the caterer on time? Did they deliver the right flowers? Is it going to rain? You’ve done a great deal of planning and you want things to go just right. Picking a hairstyle for your day can often be a daunting task, as it completes your entire look, but there are a few styles that compliment everyone’s style beautifully. Follow along as Jay Birmingham details exactly how to get this go-to style!

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Be My Vintage Valentine

Be My Vintage Valentine. Romance, fashion, and beauty ignite the inner beauty with the romance and awakening of spring. Look to the past to create the future with soft makeup, classic wearable hairstyles and pastel fashions with textures and layers perfect for spring 2018. Check out the inspiring looks below and hear from the team members about their experience and exactly how they got the lovely looks!