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How To Finger Wave!

Keep reading to get the lowdown on how to finger wave and learn why the glamorous look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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What To Do When You Make A Mistake Behind The Chair

It’s a brand new month and after a great start in January, we were inspired to do a little Marie Kondo style housecleaning, in the break room!

All the letting go of things that do not bring joy and starting a new organization routine, it got me thinking about mistakes. Where those sequin leggings a mistake simply because we no longer feel joy when we wear them? What about that job you hung onto, just a little longer than necessary? Or a personal favorite, the relationship that has run its course….Are we wrong for trying new things or making attempts to grow, even if they are transient?

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Ribbon Lights Will Forever Change The Way You Balayage

Like it or not, balayage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Something about its “sun-kissed” effect has solidified the style as a salon mainstay, kicking other techniques (i.e. traditional foils) to the curb. But, much like other hair trends, balayage is forever evolving, and right now “ribbon lights” are having a moment. The key difference with ribbon lights has to do with the amount of contrast and dimension it creates. While ombres and sombres have a darker root that slowly fades into a lighter shade, ribbon lights pack a more fiece punch. They are bright from the root to the ends - with an even shade throughout - that stand out because of their contast with the base or all over shade. Keep reading to learn why ribbon balayage is the number one technique to put on your radar in 2019. 

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6 Foolproof Styles For In-Between Lengths 

We’ve all been there: You leave the salon obsessed with your fresh chop, only to crave longer locks just a couple of weeks later. The good news: Growing out a shorter cut doesn’t always have to be painful and awkward-looking—you just have to get creative. Read on to discover our fave hairstyles when you’re in between lengths. 

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The Ultimate Blowout Guide!

Give your hair some LOVE by treating it to a stellar blowout. Keep reading to see our top blowout tips that are sure to give you the big and bouncy or sleek and straight style you’ve been eyeing on Instagram!

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Inspiring Collections from the 2018 British Hairdressing Awards

The British Hairdressing Awards are a welcomed treat each year for artist and audience alike. With some of the top talent showcasing their art, we are amazed each year with their ability to push the envelope that much more. We had the chance to catch up with Cos Sakkas, 2018 British Hairdresser of the Year nominee, and Sylvestre Finold, 2018 Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year to take a peek at their collections and see just what brings them inspiration!

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5 Ways to Integrate The Pantone Color of The Year Into Your Beauty Routine

It’s official: Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year and that means there’s no better time to incorporate some fun, punchy coral hues into your everyday look. The good news? Unlike 2018’s Ultra Violet pick, this shade is extremely wearable and flattering on most skin tones. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to sport embrace the year’s hottest shade.

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Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

Ever wonder how some women can grow long locks that never seem to get split ends? We’ll give you one hint: It’s not because of a supplement on Instagram. Most women with flawless natural hair have one thing in common: their diet. Growing healthy hair starts from the inside out, so if you want to get longer hair sans extensions, you’re going to have to start eating right. Check out the top foods guaranteed to help you grow long, strong and beautiful hair.

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5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer The Natural Way in 2019

Have you fallen victim to the hair growth gummy vitamin ads on Instagram only to achieve zero results? You’re not alone! Check out five easy ways to boost hair growth naturally in 2019!


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