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Global Rebellion - Bond Hair Religion

Being an artist means having an eye on the pulse of society – understanding what people are thinking and feeling, and being an outlet for expressing this to the world. The Global Rebellion Collection by Bond Hair Religion details just this.

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URBAN - Uros Mikic

Men’s hairstyling has never been more prominent or more impressive than it is now. Men are finding themselves investing their time in getting stylish cuts as well as learning how to style it on the daily. On the search for constant inspiration, stylists and clients alike will be dazzled by the creative cuts AHFA Winner Uros Mikic created.

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The Top Festival Season Trends You Need To Embrace

We’ve seen these trends before, especially in Avant-Garde and editorial features and it seems to be back again! While braids are always big – hello braid bars – feathers, dreads, and flowers are making their way onto the scene this year in a big way!

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#JeweledHair Is The Next Big Festival Hair Trend

This time of year becomes such a creative and innovative time for stylists and clients alike. As music festivals commence at every corner of the world, our feeds are graced with bohemian designs and free-spirited movements for the season ahead. While temporary color has been a huge trend this year, there’s an even more impactful design created by the queen of creative color herself...

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The Top Celeb Hair Trends Spotted At Coachella

Leave to celebs to take festival beauty trends to the next level. A-listers not only carefully curated killer outfits for the first weekend of Coachella, they also hand-selected festival-ready hairstyles that didn’t disappoint. Check out the top celeb hair trends that are slated to command attention this summer. 

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Obsessed With Anti-Aging?

The latest beauty trends revealed...

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Everyone’s Favorite Gossip Girl Just Had A Major Transformation 

While we all thought it was a dramatic change when Taylor Swift bumped up her base a few levels and rocked platinum blonde, Leighton Meester donning the color is much more of a surprise. The Gossip Girl most loved for her Upper East Side brunette shade underwent a big change this past week at Nexxus Salon in NYC. We love how edgy this new shade makes Meester and can’t wait to see what outfits she chooses to wear with it! 

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Why A Sweat Sesh is The Key To Great Hair, Nails & Skin

We all know the importance of following a healthy lifestyle: We’re happier, we have more energy and we look good. But in addition to healthy eating, regular exercise is also the key to not only feeling good, but looking our best. That’s right, those A.M. workouts do more than put you in a tranquil mindset and keep your bod tight—they also benefit your hair, nails and skin. Read on to discover why working out may be the best way to get the hair, skin and nails of your dreams.

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Bridal Hair Accessories That Are Sure To Leave You Speechless

As brides continue to push their styles outside of the box, we see a new trend on the horizon. One of the top bridal accessories to embrace this season is the return of hair jewelry.  Sure, the dress, the shoes and the flowers are important, but hair crowns, woven chains and barrettes and embellished bobbies are the way to go! Now, while you’ve probably seen this trend pop up on your newsfeed, finding the right accessory can be daunting in a world full of endless possibilities.