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2019 NAHA Finalist - Nohemi Capetillo | Makeup Artist Of The Year

Model turned photographer and now a makeup artist, she's taught herself everything she knows! As the model, artist, and photographer, Nohemi Capetillo has blown us away with her artistry. Her inspiration was everything she loves, from color to style and everything that embodies her character. We are so excited to share the beauty she has created both inside and out. Keep reading to learn more about her collection and how she got to where she is today!

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Sarajane Maples | Styling & Finishing

Sarajane Maples' delightful dance between color and style within her collection draws attention to the texture and movement seen within her images. As a Finalist in the 2019 NAHA Styling & Finishing category Sarajane encompasses everything we love most about the field. Keep reading to get to know more about Sarajane Maple's collection and how she created it! 

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Stay Glossy—How A Clear Coat Can Work Wonders On Your Hair & Nails

Who remembers the iconic early ’00s jam “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama? Well, it turns out, gloss isn’t just “poppin” on lips—gloss makes everything better, from your hair to your nails to your skin.  Read on to find out why you should be #glossing your beauty routine all season long.

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What Would Jared Do?

As one of the earliest adopters of the balayage ombre, Jared Leto has continued to set trends for men and women alike. While Chris Hemsworth comes in a close second, we don’t think there’s anyone else that pulls off the long hair trend quite as well as Jared.

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Winter Pastels—Are They In Or Out?

From hair to nails, beauty trends are constantly evolving—one minute, cool tones reign supreme, the next minute, warm shades are commanding the most attention. But, what about pastels? Pastels offer the best of both worlds: They’re more wearable than other bolder fashion shades, but they’re also a fun, flirty and playful way to mix up your look. So, the question remains: Should you give pastels a try this season? Check out four of our favorite pastel looks at the moment and decide for yourself.

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Lindsey Mollenhauer | Avant-Garde

Lindsey Mollenhauer’s 2019 Avant-Garde NAHA Finalist Collection proves that hair is art! With absolutely gorgeous structures, Lindsey Mollenhauer draws on the Rococo movement of France and puts a modern spin on it. Taking the drama of their wigs at the time and blending it with a hip-hop finish! Keep reading to see the stunning inspiration behind Lindsey’s collection and hear more about her as an artist!

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A Tree That Leaves - Sabrena Handley & Caitlyn Earnest

Sabrena Handley and her apprentice Caitlyn Earnest teamed up together and used each of their strengths to create a collection they were equally proud of! Keep reading to learn more about their process and the inspiration behind their art!

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2019 NAHA Finalist - David Maderich | Makeup Artist Of The Year

David Maderich is painting outside the lines in his latest collection. His 2019 NAHA entry was a concept he had created months before and knew he wanted to save it for entry. Building upon his 2018 Win, this year David painted the hands of his model as well. To him, it was the detail that really set his images apart and we couldn't agree more! The pops of color and use of paper as one of his elements open up our eyes to a world of color outside of traditional makeup. Keep reading to see how David beautifully transformed his models this year and take a peek at his sketches to see his exact process!

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3 Celeb-Approved Short Hairstyles To Try Now

If there’s anyone who can get a woman to voluntarily chop off her hair, it’s a celebrity. And this year offered no shortage of short hair inspiration, from Jenna Dewan’s textured bob to model Cara Delevingne’s pixie cut. Keep reading to discover three above-chin-length styles to test drive this season.

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