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The Mizani #TEXTURESQUADPRO Team Is Giving Us Some Serious Hair Inspiration

At the helm of this movement, there has been a focus on hair care and the importance of quality techniques and tips – of which, Mizani has always been and continues to be at the forefront. With the latest launch of their #TEXTURESQUADPRO Team – from celebrity stylists and color experts to editorial darlings and salon owners – they are creating a collective of knowledge and inspiration for men and women of all hair types.

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BEWITCHED - Absolute Studio MGT

As we approach one of everyone's favorite holiday's – Halloween – Absolute Studio MGT has created a new collection that will have us all looking forward to this season's parties, decorations and trick or treating! Lead Hair Artist Matthew Tyldesley details below the team's process and where the inspiration for the fabulous collection came from. Be sure to keep reading to see all the details! 

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Featured Collection: Sleeping Flowers - Sabrena Handley

The inspiration behind "Pink Flowers" stemmed from many different aspects of my life. Pink is a symbol for so much. It symbolizes, simplicity in life, sweetness, cuteness, breast cancer awareness, and innocence. I knew I wanted to something in pink and with pink flowers

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Featured Collection: σκιά - Chris Williams

Chris Williams’ colours are absolutely mesmerizing. His unique style paired with his artistic approach to styling has given us the hair inspiration we’ve been waiting for all season. The great thing about this artfully executed colors are the tones – any client can see themselves trying on these shades, and any stylist would be more than happy to create them! Keep reading to get to know more about Chris and how he got started in hair colour and see the rest of his flawless collection!

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These Styles Are The Ultimate #HairGoals

Much like how it feels to get an excess of likes on your latest IG post, getting a compliment about your style is always a welcomed feeling. Whether it is a cute new outfit you just invested in or the way you’re wearing your hair these days, sometimes feeling our best first comes from looking our best. Spruce up your style with a few looks that are sure to get you a compliment, or two!

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3 Celebs Who Just Look Better With Long Hair

Women aren’t the only ones sporting long, gorgeous locks in 2018. Many men are growing out their strands and letting their natural texture take center stage. So should you take the plunge? While it may be a little nerve-wracking to sport a longer style, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Check out three of Hollywood’s leading men who prove longer hair is always better.

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Origami Girls - Matthew Tyldesley

Matthew Tyldesley's latest collection – Origami Girls – caught our eyes in an instant! The stunning styling paired with the fun editing was just what we needed this season! Acting as inspiration to help bridge the gap between our imagination and creation. A fresh breath of air, Matthew and his team elevates the bar once again. Keep reading to learn more about how Matthew and his team created the collection and see the stunning images below!

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Heritage Collection - Patrick Cameron

“Invest in your heritage to create your future.” Patrick Cameron’s latest collection, Heritage, is a study of time, fashion, friendship and the future. Having worked hand in hand with his fellow creative Marco Erbi for the past 25 years they have created a working partnership that has led to great success. Each has a background in hair as Erbi brings his fashion edge to the table. Working in unison, Patrick creates the hair and Erbi dreams up the dresses that compliment the looks.

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Forecasting: The Top Shades Of The Season

From celebrity shades to the best haircuts for fall, see what trends you should be embracing this season...

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