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The Power of PINK! - A New Collection by Danielle Keasling

The inspiration behind this piece was powerful women. Women in pink are the ultimate female power statement.  Whether it's an understated soft delicate pastel pink or a bold and energized fuchsia, a woman who wears pink is the ultimate representation of females power and iconic in their own right. Let's face it, women also like men who wear pink! If that doesn't make a statement, what does!

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Featured Collection: Anomaly - Matthew Tyldesley

By definition, an anomaly is something that deviates from what is “normal” – in this collection Matthew Tyldesley and his team work to create a collection where the models take on a mutant-like feel. “When I say anomaly, I am looking to create something unusual, almost parasitic or alien-like,” says Tyldesley. Learn more about this collection...

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The Experience of Winning an Emmy

There is a lot to be said to someone wanting to be a part of this industry. This is what I have to say to them: Be completely transparent, be aware, pay attention to the details. When you get opportunities no matter what your level of expertise is, take it! When you do start to work on set one day you could be a department head, the next you can be a day player and if you remember your work and your ethics to perform graciously with skill and remove your ego you'll last a very long time.

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Go Behind The Scenes at NYFW

Project Runway Alum Christopher Palu held an iconic show for his SS18 collection at New York Fashion Week. There was a new age “woman warrior” theme present throughout the lineup with leather cut outs and overlays reminiscent of chain mail, and the pèice de résistance being the Joan of Arc printed dress. To echo these styles, the hair was very unique, accentuating the sentiment of the show.

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The Top Hair Trend at NYFW

If anyone else has been following the adventures of Fashion Week through the eyes of social starlets, you may be privy to the adventures of Caroline Vreeland and her bestie Shea Marie (a.k.a. @PeaceLoveShea). Perhaps one of our favorite moments this week was Shea capturing Caroline dousing herself with a water bottle prior to Marc Jacobs at the Armory to ensure her hair was perfectly “wet” for the show, now that’s dedication.

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Must-See Styles From the 2017 Emmy Awards

The 2017 Emmy Awards were a showcase of stars from screens both big and small. We watched their Insta-story updates while they primp and prepped for the show in anticipation of one of our favorite parts of the event – aside from the winners – their stroll down ruby Red Carpet. Last night’s award show took us back to the Hollywood glam the city was built upon – with starlets donning classic shapes and suggestive colors, the jewels, the clutches and the beauty went hand in hand as they put their best coif forward.

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New York Fashion Week - Michael Costello SS18

A study in the modern silhouette, Michael Costello explored shape by way of lush fabrics, hints of sheer layers and beautiful blush tones. It was the ultimate showing of romance meets fashion in dresses any bride would want to wear. Accompanied with natural looking makeup, blush ombre and floral painted nails, the look – presented in front of a rose filled wall – was everything we hoped a Michael Costello show would be.

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All The Braid Inspiration You Need

Braids are an infinite source of design for artists all over the world. From long hair to short, intricate braids to simple and accents to all over design, they have proven to be the ultimate accessible accessory for stylists and clients alike. While we have seen them more and more often, from Burning Man to backstage at Fashion Week, we are constantly amazed by their diversity.

Ramona Krieger of Love2Braid does a beautiful job chronicling her love for braids on the daily. With inspiration that ranges from Game of Thrones to Bridal and Men’s, she is an expert when it comes to braid fashion. Read on to see some of her favorite braids, it is sure to give you some inspiration for the next style you create!

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Top Tips to Extend the Life of Your Extensions

Hair extensions are a hot commodity. While it used to be frowned upon to wear them, there’s now a 95% chance that the girl next to you is rocking them. Whether your hair extensions are beaded, taped-in or sewn-in they all exist for the purpose of adding length and volume to your locks. But what do you do when your extensions are no longer as luscious as they once were? How do you keep them looking shiny and healthy? Read on for all of the tips and tricks you need to extend the life of your hair extensions.