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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Lowlights

While some hair trends are best left in the past (i.e. perms, mullets, the infamous “Snooki” poof), some styles quickly experience near-extinction in the salon long before they’ve had their deserved time in the spotlight. Case in point: lowlights. The often-overlooked technique of adding darker hints of color has been used for years to create dimension and contrast, but, thanks to balayage’s popularity, it’s basically fallen off the grid. Or has it? Here, our top five reasons why we think lowlights are slated to make their long-awaited comeback in 2019. 

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Featured Collection | Freedom 3D - Manuel Mon

With extreme attention to detail, Manuel Mon has created an Avant-Garde collection that will make you look twice! Taking his vision from pen and paper to computer and printer, he is blending modern technology with updated classics. Individually wrapping 3D printed pieces with hair, the pieces are stunning by themselves and masterpieces when supporting to the total look. Keep reading to get to know more about Manuel, his process and see his breathtaking work!

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5 Reasons Why Your Client’s Beach Waves Are Falling Flat

Forget winter’s stick-straight styles—with summer quickly approaching, beach waves are once again expected to reign supreme as the season’s top trend. And, if clients have any hope of recreating the flirty, effortless look, they’re going to need a cut to match. Unfortunately, not all cuts are created equal when it comes to achieving full-bodied, textured waves. Keep reading to discover five issues to look out for to ensure clients’ waves look on point all summer long.

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The Top Cuts For Fine Texture

Knowing what type of hair you have can greatly impact the choices you should be making when it comes to picking a new haircut. Defining texture – hair type (fine, medium, or coarse) refers to the diameter of each hair strand. Those of us with fine hair should know a few key tips when it comes to donning a new look and here are the best haircuts that you can choose for the season to come!

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Delicate Drama Collection - Karen Thomson, KAM Hair & Body Spa

Clients and stylists alike are always on the hunt for new inspiration - from editorial to the avant-garde and everyday looks. In the latest collection from Karen Thomson of KAM Hair & Body Spa, she delivers a study in just this! Giving us all a healthy dose of hair inspiration of on-trend looks for the season ahead!

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#JeweledHair Is The Next Big Festival Hair Trend

This time of year becomes such a creative and innovative time for stylists and clients alike. As music festivals commence at every corner of the world, our feeds are graced with bohemian designs and free-spirited movements for the season ahead. While temporary color has been a huge trend this year, there’s an even more impactful design created by the queen of creative color herself...

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Featured Collection: Prime - Travis Bandiera

Joining Royals Hair in 2009, Travis Bandiera has worked tirelessly to create his path within the hair community. Understanding the need to build a presence he has done so through social media, education, session work and backstage at runway shows. Immersed in his craft, his passion drives him to perfection. His latest collection PRIME is inspired by growth and nature – things he has personally persevered at his entire life. Keep reading to see the stunning images and learn more about the collection!

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Bangstyle Exclusive: Undisturbed - Jamie McDaniel

Photo Finish is a three-day hands-on experience at The Redken Exchange in NYC. Redken Artists Noah Hatton, Lindsey Olson & Matthew Tyldesley, facilitate the program. They specialize in editorial, runway, backstage, and published work. The core of the program is to help hairstylist find their voice and to train their eyes through theory and real-time exercises on live models. Attendees are asked to identify their brand and build rapport and communication with their team using custom vision boards. The final culmination is a photo shoot in-house with photographer Joseph Rivera and Makeup artist, Xinxin Wang where the attendee's vision comes to life in photos. If you are interested in attending photo finish sign up here for our August Session – Summer in NYC –  here. 

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Our Top Anti-Aging Beauty Tips

There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon in the sun. Skin appearing flushed, the warmth still radiating off your skin, and the dewy shine your skin takes on apres sun! While small amounts of sunshine (with the proper SPF) can be beneficial to your health, we’ve been conditioned to the fact that the sun actually ages you faster. From UVA and UVB rays to free-radicals, sun protection is key - but warmth is the best way to turn back the clock on your style.


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