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Bringing Back The Butterfly Clip - Vanessa Hudgens at The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Does anyone else remember the famed butterfly clips from the 90s? I’m not sure about you but I rocked those clips every which way I could. Recently, Vanessa Hudgens revamped the classic childhood look with a twist and a much-loved update. With more realistic looking accessories, Vanessa wore a crown of butterfly clips to accent her nude dress, tying her ethereal look together.

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Texture has played a large role not only in the NAHAs but in our culture as well. What used to be an after-thought, or a symptom to be reversed or altered has now become an empowered movement. In this collection, Julie Kocanyar touches on just this: she explores working with her model’s natural texture, embracing it and creating beauty from within. Take a peek at her fabulous collection and learn more about the artist behind the images.

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3 Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Memorial Day

Whether you're heading to the beach, the mountains, or lounging at home, try on one of these hairstyles summer!

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Featured Trend: Hair Jewelry

While shimmer, sequins and metallic have made a bold play in this year’s fashion, starlets are choosing to sparkle from head to toe with the addition of hair jewelry. The multiple ring trend has taken over hands and manis everywhere and bun cuffs, hair jewels and chains have found their way into the ‘do’s of stars like Janelle Monae, Scarlett Johansson and Ruth Negga. Whether heading down the Red Carpet or looking for a hint of glitz for a night out, these stars are shining in a new way this season!

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With breathtaking aesthetic and extreme attention to detail, Erika Fung always delivers truly remarkable collections, and this year is no exception. While her craftsmanship is unparalleled, she exhibits true artistry in her work. For her entry this year, Erika took things under water – take a peek at her collection and get to learn more about the artist behind it all.

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Featured NAHA Finalist 2017 - MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE YEAR:

The inspiration behind her collection was ‘Warrior Princess,’ it is no wonder why because from what we can tell this is exactly what Jalia Pettis is! A mother of 3, her transition into the beauty industry started about 9 years ago when she left her position in the world of HR Management to pursue her passion in the arts. Through education and perseverance, Jalia has sculpted her aesthetic into what it is today; what we would call truly beautiful. Take a peek at her collection and get to know more about the artist and the collection, in this artist feature.

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Creative Updo Tutorial - Pam Genio Bates

The best part about creating updos is the amount of creativity and freedom you can pour into a piece. With no rules and no real risk of permanent change, you can have fun without worrying about the outcome. In this tutorial, Redken Artist Pam Genio Bates created a stunning upstyle with a few hairpieces and key products. Take a peek below at how she crafted the look.

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The world of editorial is constantly changing, with new trends, fads and fashion. Many artists agree; editorial is more about the total look than a single element and in this collection Damien Carney demonstrates just that. One of this year’s finalists in the ‘Editorial’ category for the 2017 NAHAs, Damien’s hard work and creativity shine through as effortlessly as his images. Take a peek at his entire collection below and learn more about his process as an artist.

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No Haircut Haircut

The no makeup makeup trend has had its influence on hair – first with color and now with haircuts. Ruth Roche, Global Artistic Ambassador for Pureology gives us a few tips on how to get the look. “This is a technique stylists can use to show guests what their hair could look like shorter or with fringe, without actually cutting the hair. It gives a more realistic picture of their options,” says Ruth. “In addition, it can come in handy on a shoot if you have a certain look in mind but can’t find a model who wants to cut her hair.” Follow the steps and the video below.