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Effortlessly On-Trend - SESH Hairdressing

Effortless yet on-trend. This is what Simon Hill and the SESH Hairdressing artistic team, Emma Macpherson and Victoria Gifford, set out to do and accomplished so beautifully within their latest collection. Inspired by the natural hair movement present all around, they utilized traditional hairdressing alongside texture to create this chic finish. Keep scrolling to see their stunning collection and hear about the inspiration behind it all!

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Animal Print Hair Color - Janine Ker

Janine Ker is the epitome of the title “Hair Artist”. She has transformed the salon scene with her colorful creations and continues to push the edge in the way we wear our hair color. In her latest collection, she debuts an insanely realistic interpretation of animal prints. We spoke with Janine about how to get this look and if she had any tips she had for artists looking to create something similar.

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Post-Vacation Rehab

Do you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? In the least – we know your hair does. If you’re anything like us, you had your usual highlight touch-up just before taking off and now, you’re left with overly sun-kissed strands and barely there ends. By barely there we mean: they’ve either been broken off by the exposure to the sun, sea, and sand or your color has faded so much they literally have no color left.

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One Style, Two Looks! - Sherri Jessee

Whether you’re looking for a second-day style or a day-to-night look, putting the proper prep can allow for versatility within any style! The amazing hair and makeup artists Sherri Jessee created this easy to follow tutorial that gives you two options with just one blowout! Take a peek at the steps below and stay tuned for even more inspiration!

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Getting Older Sucks!

Getting older can be both a blessing and a curse. You feel wiser and more grounded in who you are. But you also start to see uninvited lines, grey hair and things we can’t even mention without scaring off the millennial crowd. Albeit a beautiful and empowering journey, there’s so much we wish we knew when we were 20!

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The Beginners Guide to Growing and Maintaining Facial Hair

Despite your girlfriend’s pleading, you decided to go all mountain man on her. Breaking up with the razor blade and opting for a beard comb in one fell swoop (at least for now). Growing your beard out for the first time does present its challenges. We bet you’ve never considered shampooing your face before, uh yeah…add that one to your list. Beard hair can be a virtual trap for food, bacteria and other unmentionables so it’s critical to keep that facial blanket clean.

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Festival Trends You'll Fall Head Over Heels For!

In season’s past, festival hair may have been rooted around a specific season or created just for Coachella. But with the widespread popularity of festivals all around the world, these trends have become a year-round staple.

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Featured Collection: NOW - Rafael Bueno Peluqueros

Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga, Spain, has been diligently working in the industry for the past 20 years. He first took an interest in the world of hair through exposure to the artistry through his aunt’s family business and has been extremely passionate about his craft ever since. Take a peek at Rafael’s stunning work as it is sure to inspire you to strive for new paths all your own!

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These Are The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Style This Season

Our best tips to upgrade your style from our favorite pros!

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