Ffb1874e831ad84a531c easy styles for new moms

You just had a baby! After 10 months of feeling like you are SUPPOSED to be glowing. When in all honesty, you felt like crap right?! We get it. So, now the baby is here, eating or even having a minute alone to shower is nearly impossible. How in the world are you supposed to style your hair?! I mean seriously (insert thick sarcasm here). 


Not making light of it. We know it’s hard, but remember…the way we look is often tied to how we feel. When you can find the time, take a few spare minutes to try out these simple styles that will have you feeling fabulous in a snap. 



French Twist: You don’t have to go straight to the Top Knot. With a second more, you can twirl it up into a French Twist. Secure with needle and thread for multi-day hold or hair pins for a single day look. 

Style By: Amy Laing


Fishtail Braid: It may look intricate and advanced, but it’s actually easier than it’s 3 strand cousin. Check out the easy tutorial on modernizing a pony with the ever so popular Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Style By: Mark Williamson


Half up Half down: Take second day texured waves, apply dry shampoo, towel it out at the root. Now you have a great textured base. take the triangle of hair at the temple and twist to the back. Secure the two sides with a barrette or clip. Easy and chic!

Style By: Matthew Tyldesley


Messy Pony: Lucky for us, the messy pony is a fashion staple. Pull hair back into a pony, then lightly pull the hair around the crown to make it look “effortlessly tousled” up into a pony. 

Style By: Jolanda Lagerweij

For more tips and tricks that will get you ready without a big time commitment, check out these hair hacks and blowout tips!  Last but not least, Congrats!  A baby is always a celebration, even if you don’t feel done up like the Belle of the Ball!