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At first, the beard trend seemed like a silent protest. Fearing razor burn and tired of being burdened by shaving everyday, men slowly gave in to a lifestyle without seeing their chins and succumbed to a killer tan line. Although cute in a lumberjack type of way at first, the beards began to get out of control, but it seems as though those beards are back in town. With men’s hair growing longer for summer, their beards are following suit. Although not a favorite amongst most girlfriends, the beard is back and better than ever for the summer months. While the ladies are learning how to love it, the men can give them a helping hand by learning how to tame their furry friend.

Step 1: If you’re going to be untamed down there, at least keep it looking classy up top. If your beard tends to walk on the wild side, visit a barber regularly for hair trims and beard shaping’s. You’ve never lived until you’ve had your beard professionally shaped by another man.

Step 2: Select a hairstyle to keep your overall appearance looking clean. With shorter beards, you can get away with longer hairstyles, like the modern shag. However if you have a wooly mammoth of a beard you’re going to need to keep those sides high and tight! Not sure what cut to get? Check out Cuts To Compliment Your Facial Hair, the ultimate guide for all you bearded Scumbags.

Step 3: Take care of your beard! Beards require a great deal of responsibility, and if you’re going to keep that pet on your face, you’re going to need to prove you can take care of it. Invest in a few solid products that will keep it looking, feeling… and most importantly smelling its best. Trust us, buy Beard Foam; this revolutionary leave-in beard conditioner deodorizes (yea you need that) your hair while soothing your skin underneath. It will give even the scraggliest of beards softness and shine while eliminating beardruff (yes, that is a thing).

Step 4: Apply a Beard Balm. While Beard Foam deodorizes your man mane, Beard Balm will tame it and leave it smelling like you just spent a week in the woods (in a good way). This magical balm tames beards gone rogue by promoting thicker hair, repairing split ends, and helping them keep their shape.

Step 5: Clean up around the edges. You can still look scruffy sexy and kempt at the same time. By edging around your cheekbones and neck with a razor your beard will instantly look more maintained. Just be sure to follow your mini shave sesh with Aftershave, even if just for the Sandalwood scent!

Need more man-scaping tips? Or simply want a little inspiration for your next visit to the Barber? Be sure to stalk Reuzel on Bangstyle to see what everyone’s favorite Scumbags are up to!

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Beard Foam

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Beard Balm