1960a3e4315fcc30442d diaries of a hair challenged

Cover Style: Shaun Mcgrath

It happened again.  I was met at the door by the question, ‘Why doesn’t your hair look like that all the time?’ upon returning from the perfect haircut and blow out. Wallowing in a searing caldron of defeated frustration, I silently walk past my quizzical bearded mate and reach for the screw top. Two ice cubes in my cougar juice please. The birds nesting in my boyfriend’s bushy beard continue their chirping. 


The perfect blowout is truly my white whale. Each session I try to tackle this mysterious behemoth of a life hack.  I turn on the Eye of the Tiger song equipped with instructional blowout youtube videos, several brushes and a 'through endurance we conquer' attitude. I know in my heart that my research, practice and tenacity will navigate me through the turbid waters of Russian mobster mistress hair.  But like every failed naval expedition there are always setbacks. Sometimes moving the blowdryer as if in an epileptic fit over the brush I hit my elbow on the overhead mirror lighting. Today I harpooned my ear on a hair clip (always a win). This is supposed to be fun right? Because I truly feel like I’m stuck on an iceberg eating seal meat right now. In the end I walk away feeling like I need a bigger boat. 


To someone like me, stylists have discovered antibiotics, the wheel, and translated the rosetta stone. They are a higher order of some secret society, sitting in some cozy living room sipping scotch in tuxedos, while I sit in a cave banging sticks together attempting fire. Well, today one of you leaked and loose lips do in fact sink ships. They taught me to move the brush through the hair instead of keep it stationary.  This hair titan also explained that people commonly don’t dry their hair enough.  One indicator that the hair is dry is that it will not stick to the brush.  Achtung Admirals! I am on to you. This whale is mine and I’m using the ambergris for night cream!


If you're anything like me, you need the advice of a pro. Since they aren't available round the clock for my hair disasters, I turn to Bangstyle - home of everything I need to know about hair! Whether you need blowout tips, styling tricks, or simply a shoulder to cry on, they are there for you for all of your hair needs no matter the hour.