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Protecting your hair doesn’t stop at the salon, it continues everyday. Just like applying sunscreen to shield your skin from daily sun damage, using the proper home care products and techniques ensure lasting color and healthy hair


With any color service, you hair has the chance of getting damaged. To maintain healthy hair it is imperative to use a bond builder during any color service. colorpHlex’s color strengthening technology bonds to the hair and polymerizes inside the hair, correcting damage during the coloring and bleaching process as it occurs. Which means it will protect the hair while the color is lifting and depositing - leaving hair softer, silkier and enhancing hair color to be more vibrant and longer lasting. 


Since protection doesn't stop at the salon, you must learn to care for your color at home. colopHlex created the perfect at home care kit to make sure your color is covered as soon as you leave the salon. 


Gentle enough to be used daily, colorpHlex shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and Nv Leave-in & Detangler all contain the ColorStrong Complex technology that helps naturally reconstruct hair while sunflower seed extract protects against UV damage and fading to help keep hair’s vibrant color and silky texture between color treatments.


Using daily products specifically formulated for color care and damaged hair means that even though you aren’t able to visit the salon everyday, your hair is receiving the same treatment. 

Be sure to ask your stylist about colorpHlex and be sure to stalk them on Bangstyle to see all the latest tips and tricks for long lasting locks and gorgeous color