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Rise and shine. 7 a.m. means that it’s time to start your daily hair-prep routine. Styling your hair in the morning can seem daunting— and time consuming. Showering, blow-drying, and straightening may take up more time in the morning than you can spare… And you can’t afford to miss your Starbucks run. Worry no more, there’s a reinvention that will now save you time without sacrificing your style— or your coffee. Now reintroducing: the paddle brush. 


“A paddle brush?” you ask. “How could this possibly help me? It’s just a paddle brush.” Oh… but it is so much more than just a brush. FROMM has reinvented the paddle brush in order to achieve sleek, salon-worthy blowouts without having to use a straightener. These brushes can cut back on styling time, and still give you the polished look needed to get you through the workday. 


The Hot Paddle: The 1907 by FROMM Hot Paddle Brush is the ultimate blowout brush! The first aluminum paddle brush designed for blow-drying, the Hot Paddle retains heat better for reduced drying time. Less drying time means reduced hand and wrist fatigue (hallelujah). The rounded thermal surface will allow you to create a sleek, straight look that doesn't flatten. Its flexible base will detangle your hair without any breakage. Say goodbye to hair damage— it blow drys and straightens in one, easy step.

The Glosser: The 1907 by FROMM Glosser Paddle smoothes your strands to provide a lustrous finish— no straightener needed! The premium boar bristles contain anti-frizz serum, and give you that sleek shine right as you dry. The Glosser also features rejuvenating nylon pins that will exfoliate your scalp by evenly distributing organic oils. It provides hair follicles with increased circulation, which will promote healthy growth. It can be used to detangle wet or dry hair for smooth, anti-static results. 

Just like Britney, the paddle brush is back and better than ever. Upgrade your brush so that you can cut down on drying and styling time. Spend less time in the morning getting ready, while still looking stylish. Step up your morning game with these tools that will get you out the door and on the go.

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