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Although social distancing and staying at home is a critical element of flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID-19, it’s no secret that it hasn’t been easy. For many, quarantine has been challenging—financially and emotionally. But there are also plenty of positive things we can learn from social distancing: the importance of human connection, how our normal routines affect the environment, how to slow down and appreciate the little things. 

When it comes to the beauty world, social distancing has had a surprising number of positive side effects. While some states’ stay-at-home orders remain in effect and others are getting ready to slowly reopen—with plenty of safety measures in place—here are the beauty lessons we can all learn from social distancing. 

It’s Good to Take a Break Sometimes 

If you haven’t picked up a hot tool in weeks (after all, who’s going to see that perfect blowout anyway?), you’re probably noticing that your hair looks and feels healthier than ever. It’s not your imagination! Taking a break from your regular blow-dry/curling/straightening routine dramatically reduces damage and allows your hair to bounce back. Make the most of it with an intensive hair and scalp detox. 

The same goes for your skin and nails, too. Taking a break from your normal makeup and mani routine allows your skin and nails to breathe. Chances are, they’re a lot happier! If you’re noticing softer, shinier hair, glowing skin and stronger, faster-growing nails, take note. You may want to start giving your hair, skin, and nails a break more often—even post-pandemic. 

Going Through Difficult Times Leads to Growth  

Thanks to a more relaxed haircare routine, your hair might not only be healthier; it could also be growing faster than ever. Less product buildup and breakage caused by heat styling promotes stronger, faster-growing strands. Sure, if your once-blunt bob has grown out into more of a lob or your roots are starting to look less “lived-in” and more “needs a touch-up,” this growth might not seem like such a positive thing. But remember: your hair is growing faster because it’s healthier and happier—and that’s always a good thing! 

It’s Important to Prioritize Self-Care 

In our normal busy world, taking the time to really focus on your own physical, emotional, and mental well-being isn’t easy. In fact, it’s often one of the first things to fall off our to-do lists—if it was even there to begin with! Now that a lot of us are spending more time at home, it’s easier to create space in our days to tune into how we feel and take the time to pamper ourselves. And, bonus, this has a ton of positive beauty effects. Whether you’ve started doing weekly hair and face masks, are beginning each day with 10 minutes of stretching and a big glass of water, or went all-out with an at-home spa day, we promise your hair, skin, and nails will thank you. 

Environmental Impact Matters 

With fewer cars on the roads and less-frequent air travel, not to mention global reductions in industrial manufacturing, the environment is flourishing thanks to widespread stay-at-home orders. Especially if you live in a large city or heavily populated area, you’re probably noticing bluer skies, brighter stars, and fresher, cleaner air. 

Quarantine has taught us that nature is resilient and changes we make can have a huge impact on the health of the environment. It’s a great time to look a little deeper at our habits—both on a personal level and as an industry—and examine how they affect our world. We’re inspired by beauty brands like KEVIN.MURPHY, Keune, and Redken, who are all implementing sustainable practices and offering eco-friendly products to protect our oceans, our environment, and our world. Now is the perfect time to ditch some of those not-so-Earth-friendly habits in favor of better, more sustainable choices.