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After a delightful season of Barbie Blonde everything, colorists and clients are looking for expansive ways to indulge in the fall weather while also creating a low-maintenance look. The latest trend is proving that butter isn’t just for blondes. While brown butter is usually a welcome element to cookies, pasta, or cakes, the notion of a slightly browned butter look is making its way into the hair color realm. This time the trend “Beurre Brunette,” which thanks to the French literally translates to butter brunette, we’re seeing warm (read: not brassy), brunette hair color shapes take form.

The Beurre Brunette Hair Trend

The new warm, luxurious trend can be traced back to Evo Creative Director and Olaplex Artist Tom Smith who has delivered top trend after top trend like Nepo Blonde, Expensive Brunette, and most recently Cowgirl Copper.

The trend aims for a warm, dimensional brunette that has an evergreen personality to it. The Beurre Brunette trend is also ideal for those who are looking to cover or blend grays with a more low-maintenance finish. If you’re looking for a touch more dimension or brightness, Expensive Brunette is the next best choice. The Beurre Brunette trend starts on darker bases and lives in the middle ground brunette zone with shades a touch lighter than your base. At the end of the day, it moves away from “blonde” highlights and into the gold/warm zone with ease.

Beurre Brunette Inspiration




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How To Care for Beurre Brunette Shades

Color care is a must no matter what shade you are. But, if you want to keep your color in a warm area without brass, investing in regular gloss appointments is ideal. You can choose from Redken Shades EQ or Wella Professionals Shinefinity to enhance your hue. In between appointments, choose care products that elongate your color and improve the health of your hair are ideal. Here are a few of our favorites.


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