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Over the years we’ve seen everything from Unicorn hair and Vanilla Latte highlights, undone waves, shags, mullets and pixies. For a while there, it seemed like there was a new trend every week, but have we reached a stalemate? Hair trends seem to change as quickly as the weather, or the seasonal menu at Starbucks. With recent hits such as the “90’s Drama Cut” or “Tweed Colored Hair”, we’re definitely seeing that what is old is new again, but it’s also begging us to ask the question… Are there no new trends?

If you look at past vintages, trends seemed to emerge alongside societal shifts. As women’s voices began to emerge, so did their hair. From chic bobs and page boy cuts to the height of the fifties and sixties, the freedom of the seventies, the mall hair of the eighties and the chick flick specials of the nineties and two thousands. We used to remember hair trends as iconic of the decade and now they feel as though they as simply iconic for the week.

This is not to say that we don’t love and appreciate everyone’s freedom of speech as represented through their hair choice, but don’t we as publications have the responsibility of naming it just that? Recently, the “Castle Bob” was named the new “it-haircut of the season”. While I began to roll my eyes at yet another new trend, once I saw the meaning behind it and the ode to Irene Castle – a nod to the 1920’s feminist fight for gender equality – I instantly fell in love with the concept.

Sometimes it can be quite fun to get lost in our rose-colored glasses of “cold brew coffee”, “horchata”, “pumpkin spice”, or “tweed” hair – I think what we really need to do is slow down as an industry and celebrate the movements. Movements that spark change, draw on sustainability and the sign of our most recent times. Let's celebrate what we have, instead of what the next best Instagram starlet has just debuted and be happy being ourselves.  Most importantly, have fun with your style … and always seek the help of a professional if you are looking to make a change no matter how big or small! (Seriously, please don’t try and give yourself bangs, it is much harder than it looks.)