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Nothing tests your productivity levels more than having to wash your hair. Sure, you may be excited to shampoo your locks when you have a special outing planned, but when you’re just relaxing at home, you’re less inclined to style your hair from scratch. Luckily, with a little dry shampoo and a few selective hair accessories, there are easy ways to disguise oily roots. Read on to discover our most coveted tips for looking presentable even when you’ve gone a little too long in between wash days. 

Tip #1: Load up on dry shampoo, obvs

By now, we know the benefits of dry shampoo all too well. But, did you know that applying dry shampoo at night can actually minimize grease in the morning? Sebum production increases overnight, hence the reason why you wake up with an oily scalp. Adding dry shampoo to your roots before you hit the hay gives the product plenty of time to absorb any oil, sweat or odor, giving you fresh-looking locks in the A.M.

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Tip #2: Embrace the half-updo 

Oily roots are usually the first telltale sign that you’re overdue for a wash. If the bottom half of your hair is still presentable, simply divide your hair into two sections and pull the top half of your hair into a topknot, small ponytail or braid. You’ll look like you tried and no one will know that you skipped shampoo. 

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Tip #3: Perk up your pony

Working with a lot of natural texture on Day 3 or 4? Use it to your advantage to create a “perfectly-imperfect” messy ponytail. Apply dry shampoo to your roots, then pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Gently pull the ends of your ponytail to add volume to the roots, then pull out a few face-framing pieces and call it a day.

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Tip #4: Get gritty

Hair that’s been freshly washed isn’t always ideal for creating cool braids. Instead, enhance that gritty feeling with a little texture spray, then pull hair into a plait of your choice (i.e. a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid or boxer braids). Tighter braids are ideal for keeping your hair out of your face, while loose braids offer a relaxed, boho feel. 

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Tip #5: Slick it back

Sometimes it’s best not to go against nature. If your roots are oily, play them up with a sleek style. To minimize flyaways, use a pomade and a boar bristle brush to gently smooth down the hair, then pull the rest of your hair into a slicked-back high ponytail or a low bun. 

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Tip #6: Stay covered

Running out of ways to hide oily roots? Embrace the hair accessories trend! Baseball caps, hats, colorful scarves, and cute headbands are easy ways to disguise unwashed strands. Case in point: Pull hair into a low bun, then add a headband--you’ll look instantly polished, no actual effort required! 

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