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Cover Style: Hermiz

You are ready to switch it up. You know what you want. Booked the appointment with your stylist and let them know you want “Bronde”. Wait, or was it “Sombre”? What are all of these terms anyway?! WHAT LANGUAGE are they?! How am I supposed to know which one to ask for when they all kind of look the same! 


Don’t worry… we are here to help! Let’s break down the terms and techniques so you know what to ask for to go home with the sun-kissed locks of your dreams.  


Bronde: A gorgeous way to go from blonde to brunette, without really going brown. It’s a beautiful place living in between Brunette and Blonde 

Bronde Hair Color

Style: Macadamia Professional


Ronz: Blend Red and Bronze, a coppery red that will turn heads. Coppery Ronz tones full of warmth has never been hotter. 

Red-Bronze hair, Ronz


Dip Dye: You guessed it, it looks like you dipped your hair in color. However, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! It sounds easy, but it’s only easy to mess up! If you want a great “dip dye” of  Pink, Navy, Red or even black…. Please leave it to the pro’s. You’ll be happy you did! 

Dip Dye Hair Color


Babylights: This delicate highlighting technique applies color to a thinner section than normal highlights throughout the hair. Babylights give multi-dimensional color while bumping up your tone with a super natural look. 

Baby lights Hair Color



Opal: Look no further than your jewelry box, Opal is all the rage. Subtle hints of lavender, pearl, light pinks, blues, purples, or even greens make up this light iridescent hair color. 

Opal Lights

Style: Elijah Cordova


Oil Slick: Ya know that cool dark swirl look when oil hits water on a rainy day? That’s it! The darker more jewel toned cousin to the “Opal” trend.

 Oil Slick, Jewel Tone hair color

Style: Paul Stafford


Platinum: When you hear “platinum” you just think REALLY LIGHT blonde and HEAPS of bleach. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. But really, Platinum is taking your blonde all the way up the color chart to a cool icy tone.

Style: Jorge Buccio


Balayage: Balayage is a technique, more than a color. These painted highlights will give you a perfectly sun-kissed natural look. No one will know whether you stepped out of the salon, or off the beach! 


Style: Royston Blythe


Cinnamon Swirl: Blending warm and golden tones into the hair giving you the swirly, and delicious, look of the top of a cinnamon bun. 

Style: Evie Rivera-Peterson

Sombre: The softer Ombre! A harsh line of dark to light is so passé, but a softer natural version is not only acceptable, but gorgeous! 

Sombre Hair Color

Style: Anna Lyles


Rose Gold: A soft blend of pink and gold. Rose gold is all the rage and a bit softer than going straight pink.

Rose Gold Hair Color

Style: Kate Reid for COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY


Ecaille: Working 3 or more shades through the hair to get a “Tortoiseshell” effect.  Great for fine hair, it gives depth and dimension to skinny locks.  Try this technique in PINK for a modern effect! 

ecaille hair color

Style: Dmitry Vinokuurov

Now, we have a favor… you may be armed with the info to navigate the trends and techniques, but we ask that you leave it in the hands of the professionals. These take practice and we are positive they’ll be excited to give you just what you are asking for. 


Now hop in the car, sit still in heaps of traffic and go get gorgeous!